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Fee Schedule


 Daniel R. Saling, Esq.                        ARBITRATION FEE SCHEDULE

Arbitrator/Mediator                                     Applicable to all Matters Heard After January 1, 2019                     


Per Diem Fee:

Grievance arbitration, Grievance Mediation, Disciplinary Appeal: $1,650 for each day of hearing, study, award preparation and travel;

Interest Mediation, Fact Finding, Interest Arbitration, Facilitation of Negotiations, Boards of Inquiry, Agency Fee Arbitration: $2,000 for each day of hearing, study, award preparation and travel. Full per diem fee charged for each hearing day; fee prorated for partial days of study or travel. If a hearing is continued , postpone or rescheduled for any reason other than at my request my per diem fee is  in effect as of any new or additional hearing date will apply to said date(s). Study and award preparation time billed as per diem rate in effect on final day of hearing.

              Other forms of arbitration or mediation not cover by the above listed fee schedule will be billed at $350.00 per hour





A full per diem fee will be charged for each day reserved for hearing or travel if the hearing is canceled or postponed by any party for any reason with less than 30 calendar days’ notice prior to each such date (travel dates may be prorated). If three or four days are reserved for hearings and/or necessary travel, 45 calendar days' notice of cancellation or postponement will be required. If five or more days are reserved for hearing and/or additional weeks’ notice of cancellation or postponement will be required for each such additional day, necessary travel, 60 calendar days’ notice will be required.  If the same matter is postponed or cancelled twice without payment of a late-cancellation fee, a full per diem fee will be4 charged or each day that is subsequently reserved for that matter if the date is canceled or postponed by any a party for any reason regardless of when notice of such cancellation or postponement is received





All actual expenses will be billed to the parties, including air fare (lowest unrestricted face available for convenient flights at time of purchase, in coach class for flights of less than 2 hours, and in business or first class for longer flights); car rental; ca fare; mileage@ the established IRS rate per mile for use of my personal vehicle; tolls; parking (including airport parking), lodging; and any cancellation fees or charges fees charged by airlines, hotels, rental car companies, etc.





Travel on hearing dates exceeding two hours one way may be charged on a prorated per diem basis.


Necessary travel on days other than hearing dates (e.g. due to location or starting time) will be billed on a prorated per diem basis; days reserved for travel are subject to cancellation fees as noted above.




                            Other necessary expenses may be billed to the parties.



An invoice will be issued with my award or following the late cancellation or postponement of a scheduled hearing date. Interim invoices may be issued at my discretion after each day of hearing or after the cancellation of any scheduled hearing date.


In “loser pays” cases, interim invoice may be issued at my discretion; in such cases each party will be required to pay half of all charges when billed and the losing party will be required to reimburse the prevailing party for such interim payment on my issuance of the final award.




Advance payment is required if an individual is personally responsible for pay of any portion of these fees; in such case, each party will be required to pay its respective share of all estimate fees and expenses at least 30 and up to 60 days prior to the commencement of the hearing; any such excess payment will be refunded at the conclusion of the proceeding.



Simple interest at 11/2 percent per month (18 percent per annum) may be added to any account that remains unpaid for more than 30 days after the issuance of any invoice.



All fees and expenses charge in accordance with this schedule will be split evenly between the parties unless controlling legislation or the parties’ agreement provides otherwise (e.g. employer pays, loser pays, etc.): however, if any party fails or refuses to pay its share in accordance with such provision(s), both parties will be held jointly and severally liable for all fees and expenses.



                         Unless I agree in writing to terms different from those herein, the utilization of my                               services constitutes of these terms regardless of the provisions of any





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