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 Conflict Resolution


Resolvable conflict occurs when two individuals’ points of views are based on opposite needs, goals, values, or interest.

10 Steps to Resolve Conflict

1.    Present the issues without emotion, blame, or judgment. Then clearly convey what you know about the situation without blaming the other person.

2.    Ask for the opposing party’s point of view and listen actively to understand his or her needs.

3.    Explain your point of view clearly and make sure the other person understands. The other party does not have to agree with your point of view but it is critical they understand.

4.      Clarify and define the issue(s) in term of both of your needs.

5.    Jointly develop an objective or condition to which both parties can agree.

           “What outcome or result are we both looking for?”

6.    Brainstorm possible alternative solutions

7.    Select a solution that has the best chance of meeting both parties’ needs.

8.    Develop a realistic plan of action and determine who will do what, when, where and how. (Write it down)

9.    Implement the plan.

10.  Evaluate the success of the plan. Make necessary modifications or revisions in the plan to achieve the desired objective.

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