DS Consulting

DS Consulting brings a proven approach to working with clients based on our training and experience as mediators, facilitators and consensus builders.

  • We actively assess who should be part of any conversation to help the individuals and teams who are involved to be as successful as possible.
  • We help people focus on their past problems long enough to help them acknowledge and address those issues.
  • We then help them identify their needs so they can move forward to the future and on to effective decision-making.
  • Once decisions are made, we often will help with the successful implementation of those decisions, including helping people define and measure their success.

We are known for facilitating work groups and meetings that have a respectful and positive tone: a tone that allows for the expression of the emotional investment of the participants, whether they are staff or members of the public, while working forward to achieve the stated goals of the overall process.

We are also known for encouraging humor as an active and appropriate part of any of our processes. We recognize that, while the work is important and serious, people can be more innovative and creative when they are enjoying that work.