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US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution - Donna Silverberg, the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, US Environmental Protection Agency and Oregon Department of Environmental Quality received the first ever award for Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution for their efforts on Oregon's Fish Consumption Rate dialogue.


Willamette University - Bryan Johnston Award presented to Donna Silverberg for outstanding contributions to the Oregon dispute resolution community.


Oregon Mediation Association - First recipient of the Sid Lezak Award for Excellence to Donna Silverberg for outstanding service to the profession of mediation in Oregon.



"The examples and real-life application of the skills we learned was very valuable.  The training session moved along very well, keeping us engaged and laughing along the way."

-- NRCS Facilitation Training Participant, 2010.

 "The [DSC] facilitation team does a great job with a contentious process. High credibility and integrity is displayed. There appears to be a high level of trust amongst the regional players which speaks volumes about their performance".

--Regional Forum Participant, 2009

"The [DSC] team assures the issues that need to be discussed are and assures that the positions on all sides of an issue are heard. Most importantly, the team makes certain that a decision is made in the necessary time frame and the basis for the decision is communicated".

--Regional Forum Participant, 2009

"Twenty-nine senior lawyers from all over the US participated in five days of intensive mediation training featuring instruction by trainers Donna Silverberg and Charles Wiggins of Portland...In anonymous evaluations, all of the participants responded with the highest evaluation of 'excellent.' One senior lawyer wrote, 'This was one of the best CLEs I have attended. Usually I'm counting down to the end - not here!' "

--Excerpt from Oregon Lawyer, Fall-Winter 2001

  "...Thanks for all the time and effort [DS Consulting] devoted to help us develop a new Conservation Policy. Once again, your facilitation skills made the difference. Your charge was a challenging one, but thanks to your patience and persistence, our Commission adopted the new policy." 

-- Letter from the Director, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife 


The consultants had the skills and experience to bring us together to function as a team again.  It was wonderful working with them and as a result our office is starting to regain its reputation as a good place to work.”

--Intra-organizational/workplace participant, 2014


“DS Consulting helped me clarify my needs and concerns through lots of interesting and important dialogue and also providing different ways to look at situations; they taught us how to reach out to and speak in a respectful way to each other.”

--Intra-organizational/workplace participant, 2014