DS Consulting

2010 Pinniped Fishery Task Force

DS Consulting are the facilitators for NMFS as they reconvene the Pinniped Fishery Interaction Task Force meetings in 2010 to review the accumulated data and evaluate the effectiveness of the program to manage the California sea lions below Bonneville Dam.  NMFS is seeking specific recommendations from the Task Force related to continuing the program.

The following documents and presentations are relevant to the October 25-26th and November 9-10th meetings and are maintained here for access by interested parties.


Final Report Documents (Background/Supporting Materials presented at the meetings are bulleted by timeframe further below):


Documents Shared with TF Members in September-October:

Reports from 2008-2009:  

October 25-26 Documents / 2010 Reports:

 Presentations Shared at October 25-26 Meeting:

 Documents shared as follow up to October 25-26 meeting:

November 9-10 Documents: