DS Consulting


Natural Resources Issues

Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Strategic Planning and Long Term Investment Strategy.  Worked with Board, managers and staff to refine OWEB's strategic plan in 2011.  Now, working with the organization to first conduct Statewide Listening Sessions and then develop a Long Term Investment Strategy regarding the disbursement of Oregon's Lottery Funds for conservation work.  2011 - On-going

Columbia River Regional Implementation Oversight Group   Providing facilitation & conflict resolution work with the federal, tribal, & state agency negotiators seeking to manage the Federal Columbia River Power System in order to restore endangered fish species to the Columbia Basin. Work includes agenda development, meeting facilitation, “coaching”, goal definition, and conflict resolution. Teams include: technical management, water quality, system configuration, implementation and executives. All meetings are open to the public. 1998 - On-going

Oregon Consensus/U. S. Bureau of Land Management Resource Management Plans for Western Oregon.  Providing facilitation, process design and conflict management consulting to assist BLM with a NEPA planning process focused on revising its Resource Management Plans for Western Oregon.  Services include process design, agenda and materials development, meeting facilitation, note-taking, summary reports and process communication within and across internal and external groups.  Groups include Cooperating Agencies Advisory Group (CAAG) comprised of federal, tribal, state and county partner agencies, CAAG technical working groups, and the Westside Steering Committee; BLM State Office Leadership; District offices; and public listening and outreach efforts.  July 2012 – ongoing.

Oregon Fish Consumption Rate Project/Water Quality Standards Rulemaking
Facilitatied a series of workshops convened by the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, EPA and Oregon DEQ to engage the public in discussions around Oregon’s fish consumption rate as a human health criteria component of its water quality standards. Worked with the conveners to reach a consensus on the final recommendation to the Oregon Environmental Commission regarding revised rule language.  This was adopted by the commission and approved by EPA in September 2011.  This project received the 2012 US Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolutions, Environmental Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Award. Dec. 2005 - April 2011 http://www.deq.state.or.us/wq/standards/toxics.htm.

Other Natural Resource Work

Trainings For:  NRCS Leadership Team and District Conservationists; East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District

Facilitation of Discussions For:   East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (strategic planning); Columbia River Toxics Reduction (consensus building session);  US Bureau of Indian Affairs (land-use regulations)


Human Resources/Organizational Issues

Oregon Department of Human Services and Oregon Health Authority  Providing half and full day training sessions to managers and staff regarding the agency's Core Values and the link to ethics and leadership skills. 2005 - On-going

Portland State University    Providing conflict management consultation and services through the Provost's office for faculty and departmental issues.  2010 - On-going

USACE Columbia Basin Water Management Reorganization Worked with key staff and managers to help identify and develop transition and implementation plans related to a region-wide reorganization of the Corps approach to developing and managing water and reservoir data. 2008-2010

Public Policy Initiatives

Citizen Initiative Review Worked with a twenty three member citizen panel to review, discuss and draft a citizen statement about Measure 58, second language education programs in Oregon's public schools. 2008.

Minnesota Citizens Jury on Election Recount Moderated a citizen jury review of the recount process in Minnesota, with specific focus on lessons learned from the US Senate race. June 2009.


Public Health and Health Care Issues

Oregon Health and Sciences University CaCoon Work Group.  Providing process design and strategic coaching support.  Facilitating a consensus building process of county public health nurses developing shared outcomes and a regional work force training event.  The goal is to assist with building collaborative capacity, statewide standardization of program implementation and integration with broader health care reform policy.  2013-ongoing.

Oregon Health Authority  Working as a member of the Oregon Consensus Program's team as a collaboration specialist for work with Oregon's emerging coordinated care organizations.  2012 - On-going

Washington County Public Health  Helping the Director and her management team to develop their strategic plan, so they can best meet the needs and challenges expressed by the people of Washington County.  2011-2012

Oregon Health Authority - Home Visiting  Facilitating the multi-organizational discussions to design Oregon's maternal and child home visiting network to streamline efficiencies, increase effective collaboration, enhance practice and reduce unnecessary overlap, conflicts and costs. 2011 - On-going

Health Care Accessibility and Affordability Summit  Worked with leaders from major health care institutions and organizations in Tennessee to help them begin a dialogue around possible changes to health care practices to improve the quality and accessibility of care for at-risk populations. 2008-2009

Oregon Health Sciences University  Provided skills sessions for medical students and faculty to enhance their ability to manage communications and conflicts in the health care setting. 2007-2009

Other Public Health and Health Care Work

Oregon Health Authority  Public Health Division (Joint Leadership Team; Lab System planning; Emergency Preparedness; Maternal and Child Health nurses)