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Ken Bryant

Bryant Mediation of San Jose

When You Need a Mediator:

1.  When emotions appear to be preventing a settlement - whether the intense feelings are held by the attorney or the client.

2.  When negotiators are unable to fix poor communications [When each side keeps talking rather than listening].

3.  When misperceptions or stereotypes hinder productive exchanges.

4.  When repeated negative behaviors [name-calling, blaming] create barriers between the parties.

5.  When there is serious disagreement over the importance or evaluation of collected data.

6.  When there is disagreement as to the number of issues in dispute.

7.  When there are actual or perceived incompatible interests.

8.  When unnecessary value differences divide the parties.

9.  When there is no established, agreed-upon, negotiation procedure or protocol.

10. When severe difficulties arise in getting negotiations started, or in bargaining through an impasse.

What You Get with a Mediator:

1.  Help in reducing tensions, at least to the point of permitting civil discussion.

2.  Help in improving communications [“Why don’t we see if we can clearly set out each side’s perspectives, and go from there?”].  

3.  Help in establishing common ground, taking personalities out of the picture and concentrating on the problem.

4.  Help in controlling the number of issues needing to be resolved for there to be a settlement.

5.  Help bringing the parties together, or keeping them together, and creating a safe, fair process for exchanging views of the dispute and for reaching a mutually satisfying agreement.

6.  Help  with....?. 

What You Get with Ken Bryant:  

I help guide parties, and their attorneys, through difficult disputes otherwise destined for the courthouse.

My universally recognized expertise in dispute resolution techniques, together with my hands-on experience with business challenges and litigation strategies, encourages parties to fully engage in finding mutally acceptable terms of settlement.  

Attorneys must justify their choice of a mediator to their clients: Simply said, my unique background increases the chance of a satisfying resolution.


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