A New Feature Hosted by Mediate.com

Welcome to Mediate.com's new 'Great Reads' book club. We will convene periodic conversations focused on recently published conflict resolution volumes from popular and academic presses. We aim to choose books that we suspect will be of interest to a wide range of conflict managers.

Each gathering will be hosted by a host and include a live interview with an author followed by comments, questions, and discussion from experienced mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators. These book club gatherings will be open to anyone but require pre-registration. 

We are starting with Amanda Ripley’s new and stunningly good book High Conflict: Why We get trapped and How we Get Out just published by Simon and Schuster. Peter Adler will interview Amanda then open the floor for questions, comments, and an exchange of ideas.

The gathering will be on Friday, June 25, 2021 1pm EST. Book Club participants are encouraged to read her book beforehand which is available HERE.