Feasibility of a Non-Commercial Marine Fishing Registry, Permit, or License System in Hawai‘i

 Sustaining thriving fisheries in Hawai‘i requires well-informed management with adequate capacity to ensure that the resource can continue to thrive for future generations. A group of marine fishing agencies and organizations was invited by the environmental nonprofit organization Conservation International, Hawai‘i and the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council to form a Study Group to jointly explore ways to enhance data, information, and resources available to the State’s Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) to improve noncommercial marine fisheries management in Hawai‘i. Accord 3.0 members Peter Adler and Keith Mattson facilitated the Study Group. The Study Group reviewed and vetting possible options for an Registry, Permit, or License system as a way to achieve specific objectives.

A man is standing on a large dark rock fishing into a deep, bright blue oceanThe Final Report, Executive Summary, and supporting appendices are included below.

Final Report

Executive Summary

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