2007 highlights: the year’s best from Online Guide to Mediation

Year’s end is a time for looking forward and also for looking back, as we take stock of where we’ve been, while we consider the journey ahead of us.

As part of that annual tradition, I’ve pulled together the posts from 2007 that have been the most frequently visited, the ones that drew the most comments and emails, or that are simply my favorites.

I hope you enjoy them.

From January:

“Is your negotiating style leaving value on the table?”

“Mediator certification and credentialing: getting accurate information on becoming a mediator”

“Bridging the divide between lawyers and mediators” – a three-part series

From February:

Sunshine is the best disinfectant: Bob Sutton’s “The No Asshole Rule” gets an age-old workplace problem out into the open

Blawg Review #94 – The Getting to Yes Edition

From March:

What’s so funny ’bout peace, love and understanding? Thoughts on why we’re not getting to yes

Since when is changing your mind a bad thing?

Seeing ourselves as others see us: the art of feedback

From April:

Why I will not be observing One Day Blog Silence

Chicken peacekeepers mediate bunny turf war

Are mediators hindering a civil right to counsel? One scholar says yes

From May:

In This Case: blog allows people to tell their personal stories about the law

Does ADR deliver justice?

From June:

Premature negotiation: how to get rid of performance anxiety at the mediation table

The ups and downs of conflict: a game theory analysis of the toilet seat issue

From July:

Nothing but the truth: Radical Honesty movement proposes a world without deception

From August:

Won’t get fooled again: negotiating with liars

Mediator nominated for Congressional Order of Merit by National Republican Congressional Committee

Requiem for a friend

From September:

Art education may help prepare future lawyers (and mediators)

Free stuff online to help ADR professionals run their businesses

From October:

Blawg Review #130 – the Double Hemisphere Edition co-hosted with fellow mediator Geoff Sharp

(In)justice for all: the case against arbitration clauses in consumer contracts

Apologies can improve the health of hospital-patient relations

From November:

In weighing the Uniform Mediation Act, Massachusetts mediators may be poised to repeat mistakes of the past

How to turn a simple misunderstanding into all-out war: a mediator’s advice

From December:

In celebration of the ADR blogosphere: blogging transforms how we talk about dispute resolution

Out of the mouths of babes: a child’s guide to the law

Optical illusions as a training tool for mastering negotiation and conflict resolution skills

A happy 2008 to all of you! And thanks as always for stopping by to visit.

Incidentally, in just a few days, in time for my third anniversary of blogging, big changes are coming to this blog. I’m pulling up stakes here at Blogger.com — Online Guide to Mediation will get both a new home (currently under construction) and a new name — plus an easier-to-remember domain name, too.

Plus I’ll be welcoming in the new year with a special series: on each of the first seven days of January, I’ll be posting “New Year (Dispute) Resolutions”.

Stay tuned!


Diane J. Levin

Diane Levin, J.D., is a mediator, dispute resolution trainer, negotiation coach, writer, and lawyer based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, who has instructed people from around the world in the art of talking it out. Since 1995 she has helped clients resolve disputes involving tort, employment, business, estate, family, and real property… MORE >

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