10 Guidelines For Effective Brainstorming

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brainstorming.pngAs her bio states:

Randah Taher is a project developer and consultant who worked in montreal for 7 years before moving to Toronto, Canada, where she currently resides. She works with learning, non-profit organizations, and social enterprises, and is involved in projects concerning youth, education, and community revitalization. She consults and trains groups in creative problem solving tools, innovative strategic management, restructuring and program development. Randah is the founder of My Arabic Story, a cultural hub with worldwide volunteers, which narrates folktales by storytelling, doing puppet shows, and recording CDs.

I came across her article 10 Guidelines for Effective Brainstorming at ChangeThis recently. As it says:

Creativity can be taught, nurtured, and enhanced. It does not belong solely to the artist among us, and certainly is not genetically limited to the gifted.

You can find the article at ChangeThis or download it by clicking here:10 Guidelines for Effective Brainstorming


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