Mediation in Today's News

December 2016

Mediation program has transformative affect on relationships

The On Track peer mediation program provides students with a voluntary way to resolve disputes where they meet and discuss the conflict in a private, confidential setting and develop a resolution while being supervised by fellow students, who have received specific conflict resolution training. read


Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program celebrates 10th anniversary and growing impact

In 2006, the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program (HNMCP) opened its doors with a handful of students pursuing independent clinical work.


Honesty and Candour in Mediation: Are They in Short Supply?

The terms honesty and candour need to be defined. Elsewhere I have defined ‘honesty’ as a concept which concerns the accuracy of information conveyed, while ‘candour’ is a concept which goes to the heart of whether or not information is conveyed at all. read


Neutral Corner: lessons from golf for mediation

The preamble to the mediation rule could have easily provided, as do the rules of golf, that the mediation rules are guided by the historical principles of the legal profession and the importance that mediation be conducted with integrity and in accordance with these principles. read


How to avoid lawyers when neighbors disagree

Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center is home to the USDA’s Certified Agricultural Mediation Program for Oregon, which is aimed at resolving common rural problems. Last year, more than 4,000 disputes across the U.S. were referred to it and similar programs. read


FAMU 'thick accent' case referred to mediation

A lawsuit against Florida A&M University by a Belize native who claims she was wrongly fired is headed to court-ordered mediation. read


UK NHSLA launches mediation scheme after successful pilot

In the UK, the NHSLA has announced that following a successful pilot scheme it has launched its new mediation service. The scheme is intended to provide injured claimants with a possible resolution of their claim without the need to litigate the claim through the courts. read


K-State program helps farmers, lenders with financial mediation

Forrest Buhler, the staff attorney with Kansas Agricultural Mediation Services, said his agency has worked twice as many cases in 2016 so far than it did all last year. read


Water wars mediator tells Georgia, Florida 'to settle this blasted thing' as trial ends

Special master to states: One or both will be 'unhappy with my recommendation.' The dispute focuses on the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin that straddles the two states and Alabama and has Lake Lanier in its headwaters. read


Former AIG Chief Greenberg, NY AG to Begin Mediation to Settle Civil-Fraud Lawsuit

Lawyers representing former American International Group Inc. Chief Executive Maurice R. “Hank” Greenberg and New York’s attorney general will try mediation to resolve an 11-year-old civil-fraud lawsuit. read


Mediator takes on NM budget impasse

He is a mild mannered attorney who negotiates out-of-court resolutions to legal disputes for a living. In his unsalaried job as the next New Mexico state Senate majority leader, Peter Wirth is positioned as a lead Democratic power broker for high-stakes decisions about plunging state revenues and essential government services when the new Legislature meets in January. read


Amy Taeuber legal row with Channel 7 back to mediation in bid to settle Rodney Lohse ‘sexual harassment lawsuit’

A LEGAL row over claims a young female television reporter was sacked by her network weeks after complaining how a senior colleague called her a “lesbian” on her birthday, is returning to mediation. read


Judge approves Hartford ballpark mediation agreement

The city of Hartford and former developer of the Dunkin' Donuts ballpark have agreed to participate in a formal mediation process to try to settle a legal dispute over the minor-league stadium's construction. On Friday, Hartford Superior Court Judge David M. Sheridan approved the agreement. read


Probate Courts Mediation Program Utilizes Judicial Experience

The Connecticut Probate Courts offer a mediation program designed specifically to help individuals resolve contested probate cases. The program is unique in that all mediators are current or retired probate judges. read


Effective Use Of Mediation-Arbitration

Over the past 15 years, mediationarbitration (or “med-arb”) has grown into a popular method of resolving family law disputes. As its name suggests, med-arb combines the most effective features of both mediation and arbitration. Why has med-arb become so popular? When does it work and when it does not? What are the ethical and practical issues that must be considered? read


Mediation ordered in dispute alleging real estate fraud

St. Clair County Associate Judge Randall Kelley compelled mediation in an O’Fallon homeowner’s suit alleging a real estate agent failed to tell her that a potential buyer canceled the contract on her home within the grace period. read


Rezoning proposal for former Hempfield golf course to go to mediation

The owner of a former Hempfield golf course avoided a long and potentially contentious meeting before the board of supervisors Monday by seeking mediation over a proposed rezoning of the land. read


JPS Students Avoid Conflict with Peer Mediation

A report by the federally funded Safe and Responsive Schools Project, a nonprofit aimed at keeping schools safe, found that students involved in peer mediation were more likely to find a satisfactory resolution to their conflicts, and feel that their interests had been served. read


IRS Revamps Fast Track Mediation for Tax Debts

The Internal Revenue Service has created a new Fast Track Mediation program to resolve collection cases and issues more quickly for taxpayers with outstanding tax debts. read

November 2016

McDonald's $27M Fatal Brawl Row Sent To Mediation In Texas

Texas' Tenth Court of Appeals on Wednesday sent to mediation a case that ended with a $27 million judgment against McDonald's and in favor of the families of two teenagers who died in the wake of a parking lot brawl at the restaurant in 2012, writing the suit was “appropriate” for mediation. read


IMPACT Justice provides training in mediation for Belize police officers

Some 36 Belize police officers of varying ranks are set to receive training in mediation under the Canadian government-funded, Improved Access to Justice in the Caribbean (IMPACT Justice) Project. read


Things you only know if you're a mediator

…according to UK mediator Martha Clarke, 56. Let's begin with "We don’t consider our neighbours’ feelings enough." read


Take Part in UN Workshop on Implementation of the Mediation Directive

Participate online (webstreaming) in this workshop on the future of mediation in the European Union will be streamed live from the European Parliament in some two weeks. read


Police and crime commissioner pledges £100,000 to provide Restorative Justice services across Kent

A £100,000 pledge has been made by Kent’s police and crime commissioner to provide Restorative Justice services in the county over the next 12 months. Restorative Justice focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims. read


Obama admin. seeks curbs on mandatory arbitration for insurance

The Obama administration is pressing U.S. states to curb insurers' use of fine print in contracts that bars unsatisfied customers from suing, taking the latest step against "mandatory arbitration clauses" in an insurance report released by the Treasury Department on Monday. read


Somali president seeks mediation amid charges of violence during vote

Somali politicians and clan elders have reported violence and irregularities in voting for a new parliament, limited to just 14,000 citizens due to an Islamist insurgency, and the president urged all parties to embrace mediation if disputes arise. read


Little Rock officials ordered to mediation in suit

Little Rock City Attorney Tom Carpenter regularly disregards court orders so the mayor and city manager must participate in mediation sessions to try and resolve a lawsuit against the city, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox said. read


Mediator weighs in on keeping peace at Thanksgiving dinner table

Mediator Julian Portilla, who teaches courses on conflict resolution at Champlain College, advised families to consider a moratorium on political conversation at the dinner table. read


Judge Orders Airbnb and San Francisco to Work Out Problems Through Mediation, Puts Fines and Criminal Penalties on Hold

Attorneys for Airbnb and San Francisco were back in federal court Thursday as part of a lawsuit Airbnb filed to block tougher regulations that would make home-sharing websites susceptible to hefty fines and criminal penalties. read


Karmanos lawsuit settled in mediation

A lawsuit filed against Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos by his sons over the handling of a family trust has been settled in mediation. read


Nevada's Foreclosure Mediation Program to stop accepting applications after Dec. 31

Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program instituted at the height of the recession to help people stay in their homes will no longer accept mediation enrollments after Dec. 31. read


Sacramento police shooting lawsuit could be settled through confidential mediation

The city of Sacramento will attempt to settle a civil lawsuit over the fatal police shooting of Joseph Mann through confidential mediation and wants the court to seal evidence released in the case, according to court documents filed this week. read


Oregon GMO mediation needs legislative fix

A legislative mix-up has blocked the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s implementation of a mediation program for growers of conventional, organic and biotech crops. read


World Bank Urges Mediation for India, Pakistan over Indus

The World Bank Group today urged India and Pakistan to agree to mediation in order to settle on a mechanism for how the Indus Waters Treaty should be used to resolve issues regarding two dams under construction along the Indus rivers system. read


Vatican Mediation In Venezuela Changes Political Equation For Washington

The Vatican’s participation in the mediation effort in Venezuela poses an unusual challenge to US policy in Venezuela and the region. read


Business Offers Free Holiday Mediation

Falmouth Mediation at 184 Jones Road, a full-service, client-centered mediation practice providing an affordable forum for assisting families and individuals, is offering one hour of free mediation to help couples and ex-couples agree on holiday schedules for their families. read


Hot jobs: Mediators

According to the New York State Department of Labor, employment for arbitrators, mediators, and conciliators is expected to rise 14.6 percent — faster than the average for all occupations — between 2010 and 2020. read


Pebble partnership, EPA consider mediation

Attorneys for a proposed large-scale mine near the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed have agreed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to consider mediation to resolve litigation under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. read


HP Enterprise and Rhode Island to meet for mediation

A judge has ordered representatives from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and the state of Rhode Island to appear in court for mediation over the unfinished project to build a new computer system for the state Division of Motor Vehicles. read


Massachusetts Appeals Court: What Happens in Mediation Stays in Mediation

The Massachusetts Appeals Court recently held that statements made by a party during mediation cannot be used later in a lawsuit to support a claim of fraud or similar claims. read


Mandatory Mediation Program Needs Improvement to Thrive

Our experience with the court-ordered mediation program in the Law Division in cases in which the parties do not seek mediation or select their own mediators has been unfavorable, and we address only that program. read


Judge eyes mediation in O'Donnell campaign finance case

A federal judge is hoping court-ordered mediation can resolve a penalty dispute in a Federal Election Commission lawsuit against former Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell. read


Microfibres plaintiffs in class-action lawsuit agree to mediation

The plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit against defunct Microfibres Inc. have agreed with its bankruptcy trustee to enter mediation to try to resolve a compensation dispute. read


New Kane County mediation program to begin serving families this winter

The 16th Judicial Circuit Court of Kane County is seeking volunteer mediators for a new Child Protection Mediation Program set to launch in early 2017. read


Springfield Panhandling Laws Heading To Federal Mediation

The legal fight over anti-panhandling laws in Springfield is to go before federal mediators next month. The (Springfield) State Journal-Register reports attorneys representing three panhandlers and lawyers for the city are scheduled for an initial mediation session Nov. 4 in Springfield federal court. read


Preventing foreclosures, through mortgage mediation

Jonathan Smith, attorney and founder of Advantage Legal Group, shared how Washington State's Foreclosure Fairness Act may help homeowners avoid foreclosure, through mortgage mediation. He also shared several recent success stories of clients helped by his team. read

October 2016

The Grove PUD: Is Mediation Helping?

Depends on whom you ask … read


Divorce gets even uglier, but its cast steps up, in “Mediation”

On a stress test, divorce is ranked higher than the death of a spouse. That’s because with divorce comes the stigma of failure.I think that helps explain Robert’s downward spiral this episode. read



BATNA is an acronym that stands for Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. Simply put, it’s what you will do if you don’t settle. It’s a crucial piece of information to have before a mediation begins because it allows you to properly and rationally evaluate offers and counteroffers. read


Texas Supreme Court Committee Sues Mediation Service to Prevent It From Practicing Law

The Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee has sued an Irving mediation service seeking to prevent it from practicing law after alleging its nonlawyer staff provided legal advice to hundreds of customers including preparing pleadings for them to use in employment and family law cases. read


Vatican called in to mediate in Venezuela talks

A sharply divided Venezuela may be on the track to reconciliation with the help of a highly respected, neutral third party -- the Vatican. read