Mediation in Today's News

September 2016

Malta: Proposals for extension of mediation services

The Justice Ministry has issued a White Paper with proposals aimed at making mediation a more effective instrument for conflict resolution by ordinary citizens. Mediation services will also be extended to cover disputes involving rents. read


Quarry lawsuit in La Grange to go to mediation

A lawsuit that has cast doubt on the future of a multimillion dollar flood control project proposed in La Grange is going to mediation. read


Germany Makes Request for EU Mediation in Fiat Emissions Dispute

The European Commission said Germany requested that it mediate a dispute with Italy over whether Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s vehicles breached emissions rules. read


Mediation brings guilty pleas from two former employees in Lewiston embezzlement case

Two former employees of a Lewiston helicopter company who police say embezzled more than $200,000 from their employer entered guilty pleas Tuesday in Lewiston's 2nd District Court as part of plea agreements brought about by several months of mediation. read


SolarWorld and Hemlock to hold mediation conference to explore 'settlement' possibilities

SolarWorld and Hemlock are set to hold a mediation conference on 19 September following SolarWorld being ordered to pay Hemlock damages amounting US $793 million plus costs and interest in July. read


Mediation has made it into pop music!

Listen to Aluna George sing "Mediator." To say AlunaGeorge’s journey so far has been ‘unusual’ would be a mighty understatement. read


Police investigation into Bath officer's cannabis comments 'resolved through mediation'

A police investigation into a Bath officer's comments on cannabis has been 'resolved' - but the complainant is far from satisfied. Avon and Somerset Police investigated a complaint about PC Adge Secker's remarks about the cannabis industry after the Independent Police Complaints Commission ruled the force was wrong to dismiss it. read


Hospital wants mediation, fact finding with nurses

The San Benito Health Care District Board last week directed Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital administration to begin a fact-finding process and mediation with the California Nurses Association over a 14-month contract dispute. read


Bar of NI secures home for specialist mediation centre in Belfast city centre

“This development is a positive step to offer local businesses and individuals’ quality, local dispute resolution. Successful mediation allows parties to mutually arrive at a blend of legal and non-legal solutions suited to their needs and we will be offering a suite of services.” read


What I Did On My Summer Vacation OR 20 Things I Learned About Divorce Mediation

As a divorced mom and parent coach, one of the things I feel passionate about is helping divorced couples co-parent to the ultimate benefit of their children. So among the many things I did this summer was to take a week to focus on my own education before I hustled to launch my three young-adult children on their individual academic adventures. In short, I took the Divorce Mediation Skills Training Certificate Program at Northwestern University. read


AU Debt mediation Bill backs farmers against ‘overwhelming’ power of banks

THE State Government has introduced legislation it says will remove the “overwhelming power of the banks’’ in dealing with farmers. The Farm Business Debt Mediation Bill will provide farmers and credit providers with a formal process “for efficient and equitable’’ resolution of farm debt disputes and may allow for a farmer to remedy any previous default on their mortgage. read


Lawsuit Over Years-Denied Mosque Moves to Mediation

Mediation will begin late September to settle a federal lawsuit that accuses a New Jersey township of caving to anti-Muslim sentiment and blocking an Islamic group from building a mosque. read


Do You Bring an Expert to Mediation?

Just as with trial, mediation is all about being prepared. Bringing a settlement expert to mediation has a number of benefits beyond its part in building a comprehensive and robust settlement team. On the other hand, having an expert at this point may come with disadvantages in some cases. read

August 2016

Belfast barristers take mediation road to resolve differences

Belfast businessman Gareth Graham and vulture fund Cerberus used mediation to resolve their differences earlier this year. read


Antagonistic Mediators Can Make Resolving Disputes Easier

New research suggests that hostility from a third party — such as a mediator facilitating the dispute — can actually reduce conflict. We discovered that a mediator’s stern treatment of both parties causes adversaries to unite against the mediator, which increases their willingness and propensity to reach agreement. read


Settlement talks collapse in Yosemite National Park trademark clash

Efforts to settle the dispute between the federal government and Yosemite National Park’s former concessions company over trademarks have stalled, foreshadowing a potentially costly and time-consuming court battle. read


Mediation ordered in suit over autopsies in 8 Ohio killings

The Ohio Supreme Court wants a settlement to be reached in the case of a newspaper suing a coroner for autopsy records in the unsolved slayings of eight people. A complaint by The Columbus Dispatch that is before the court alleges the Pike County coroner is improperly withholding final autopsy records. The coroner says the autopsies are “confidential law enforcement investigatory records” that aren’t subject to public records laws. The court ordered the case to mediation. The Cincinnati Enquirer filed a similar lawsuit, which is also in mediation. read


Low crop prices mean jumps in farm mediation

Low commodity prices are forcing many farmers into difficult positions.  One choice is bankruptcy.  Others turn to the help of a mediator to negotiate with creditors. The number of mediations is up by 20 percent this year in Minnesota. In Iowa, the number has been steadily rising since the 2013-14 fiscal year, up to 525 in 2015-16. read


Bernards, Islamic Society headed to mediation

A federal lawsuit over a township's denial of a proposed mosque starting is heading to mediation next month. US Magistrate Lois Goodman ruled Friday that the lawsuit between the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge and township will be mediated by retired US District Judge Joel Pisano. read


Scammers posing as local mediation center during call

It seems like a new phone scam pops up every day. Now, police say scammers are posing as a local mediation organization to get personal information from people in Lincoln. read


Second lawsuit filed in KSU rape case sent to mediation

In response to the second lawsuit former Kent State softball player Lauren Kesterson filed against the university earlier this month, the Ohio Supreme Court has ordered the case to mediation. read


Avoid Tragic Ending: Start With a Negotiated Farewell and Divorce Mediation

When divorce seems like the best and only option, spouses can dramatically impact the quality of their divorce process by initiating the divorce using a strategy called the Negotiated Farewell. read


Lawsuit against Transportation Secretary Foxx headed to mediation

A lawsuit alleging U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx performed little to no work in a past job at defunct Charlotte bus maker DesignLine is heading to mediation. read


Boston officers say no to mediation program

It's been almost a year since the Boston Police Department began its mediation program and not a single complaint against an officer has been mediated. read


Midwives agree to mediation on pay parity

New Zealand Midwives have agreed to negotiate with the government over gender pay parity, just days out from a scheduled court case. read


The Magic Word That Makes You Seem Extra Persuasive

research suggests that when you’re thinking about how to phrase your ask, there may be a magic word that makes it seem that much more doable: willing. As in, “Are you willing to do XYZ?” read


After suicides, nonprofit giving peer mediation training to Livingston schools

The Livingston community was hit hard earlier this year. Folks were left reeling from the suicide deaths of two teenagers and two adults within weeks of one another. In response to that crisis, a grassroots effort called the #WeWillListen campaign began. Now #WeWillListen is partnering with Bozeman’s Community Mediation Center to sponsor a training for school administrators, teachers and staff to help bring peer mediation into Park County schools with suicide prevention as the driving goal. read


A new path for resolving condominium disputes

The alternative dispute resolution (ADR) community and others appreciate the opportunities that mediation and arbitration provide to preserve relationships and offer win-win solutions for conflicting parties. The big hope is that the Protecting Condominium Owners Act’s regulations and Condominium Authority will provide the long-awaited and much-needed direction to these processes that is lacking in the current legislation. read


Kazakhstan: Mediation As A Modern Means For Settlement Of Conflicts

When did the definition "mediation" appear for the first time? read


WPI, raped student agree to mediation in lawsuit against school

Both sides in a pending civil lawsuit against Worcester Polytechnic Institute have agreed to try to resolve the legal dispute through mediation, and without the necessity of a trial. read


Mexico Reaches an Important Milestone in Mediation

In early 2015, the Mexican presidency assigned the Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas, a public research and education institution, to lead the Dialogues for Everyday Justice. Its purpose is to study, engage the participation of different stakeholders and ultimately generate a diagnosis to improve access to justice and the resolution of common and everyday conflicts. read


A mediator's view of presidential choices

When people with a conflict come to a mediator they are often like voters who favor distinctly different candidates—say Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. read


Negotiating in Mediation: Why Did We Stop Talking?

A successful mediation typically depends upon three key steps: engaging the client on why and when to mediate; actively engaging the adversary prior to the mediation; and advocating at the mediation session itself. read

July 2016

Federal judge assigns mediator in $86 million Uptown drainage lawsuit

A federal judge has assigned a mediator to help resolve the estimated $86 million dispute between Uptown residents and the New Orleans Sewerage & Water Board over ground-shaking drainage work on four thoroughfares. read


Former Ethics Panel Lawyer's Retaliation Suit Ordered to Mediation

A lawsuit filed by the former staff attorney for the Georgia ethics commission is headed to mediation. The state paid Elisabeth Murray-Obertein $477,000 in 2014 to settle a whistleblower suit she filed against the agency and its former director, Holly LaBerge. Later that year, Murray-Obertein filed a second suit against the agency, accusing LaBerge of maligning her in the media. read


Details, mediation coming on Sarasota Lift Station 87 project

Construction on the city's long-awaited Lift Station 87 project will restart next week. As construction finally begins again on the project, the fight over the problems that delayed construction in 2011 could be coming to a close. Mediation has been scheduled for Sept. 7 and 8 in the city's lawsuit against the project's original engineering and construction firms. read


Bottini challenge to New Hamburg traffic laws heads to mediator

For months, a group of New Hamburg residents fought against a sudden surge of heavy truck traffic rumbling through their hamlet hard by the Hudson River. Their efforts prompted the Poughkeepsie town board to pass laws restricting that traffic, which in turn sparked a lawsuit filed by Bottini Fuel, the local, family-owned company those laws affected. Now, the residents are concerned a process that has played out in public — either in town hall or federal court — is about to veer into secret negotiations. read


Falmouth board OKs mediation to resolve turbine lawsuits

The town will begin talks with neighbors of two municipal wind turbines in an attempt to find a solution to the nine lawsuits pending in various courts over the operation of the machines. read


Venezuela agrees to Vatican mediation help

The Venezuelan government has agreed to let the Vatican help mediate its long-running dispute with opposition leaders, the UNASUR regional group said on Thursday. read


Mediation Ordered in Sandra Bland Death Case

A federal judge has ordered mediation for a lawsuit filed by the mother of Sandra Bland, the black woman whose death in a Texas jail cell last summer incited months of protests. read


Springfield's Commonwealth Academy, Boston's Commonwealth School headed to mediation over name dispute

Boston's Commonwealth School and Springfield's Commonwealth Academy are again headed to the negotiation table over their name dispute, after the failure of initial talks led to a $2 million lawsuit and allegations of elitism and trademark violations. read


State Center developer, state head to mediation over long-delayed project

Mediation is expected to begin later this month between the developer of the long-stalled $1.5 billion State Center project and the state of Maryland with the hope of moving the project forward. read


Mediation of abuse claims fair, efficient

As a mediator for more three decades, I have helped resolve some of the nation’s most protracted, complex and emotional disputes. I certainly place my recent mediation of the Penn State University/Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse claims in that category. read


Capable Conversations in American Society: Time for a National Mediation Act

Please join in recognizing the importance of most capable conversations and mediation by completing this form supporting a National Mediation Act. read


Lagos Mediation centre resolves 11, 912 disputes in 6 months

The Lagos State Citizens Mediation Centre, CMC, says it has been able to resolve 11,912 disputed cases among residents of Lagos in the last six months. read


How Tough-Guy Mediators Can Turn "Them" into "Us"

A new study in Management Science suggests that in certain situations hostility from the mediator can prompt adversaries to come to an agreement. “When a mediator is hostile, those in conflict see the mediator as a common enemy,” read


The TV show Call the Mediator is revealing on love turned sour

Anybody who is considering divorce should first take a look at the new BBC2 series Mr v Mrs: Call the Mediator, which goes behind the doors of a string of national family mediation centres. read


2 sides agree to mediation in Yosemite naming rights case

The legal battle over the trademarking of several names inside Yosemite National Park may be settled soon. read


Mediation can lower the costs of divorce

Costs can be kept lower by utilizing mediation. In mediation, a neutral third party (on occasion two mediators) sits with the parties to the divorce and asks for their responses to a series of questions about assets and liabilities, the family home, parenting agreements for their children and other pertinent matters. This at-the-table work can be hard for people who are in a divorce, but the benefits are not only a lowered cost but also the fact that they design their agreement. read


There's a difference between arbitration, mediation

To start, I couldn’t agree more that mediation can be complicated and the quality, knowledge and professionalism of the mediator are usually the most important components to a successful mediation. read


Caesars Mediation Continues, With Warning From Judge

In the dispute over Caesars Entertainment Operating Co.’s $18 billion restructuring, one side is making a “big miscalculation,” according to the judge overseeing the chapter 11 case. read