Mediation in Today's News

October 2016

David Bernthal/Off the Bench: Progress made in effectiveness of mediation

In today's world, parties involved in litigation frequently turn to the mediation process to find a solution. read


70 mile 'Run for Re-Entry' to highlight need for mediation services for released inmates

Lorig Charkoudian, co-founder of Community Mediation Maryland, a non-profit that offers free mediation services for prison inmates and their families, is running her third annual "Run for Re-Entry," a two-day, 70-mile run from Hagerstown to Baltimore to symbolize the journey families face during reintegration. read


Workplace Mediation in UK – Not at all a Pussycat

there are a number of situations in which mediation can have real teeth, requiring it to be treated with a proper degree of respect by invitees and parties to it. read


Seventh High-Level Seminar on Gender and Inclusive Mediation Processes

The first of a new series of High-Level Seminars on Gender and Inclusive Mediation Processes will be held in Oslo. Following the adoption of Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) on women, peace and security, the promotion of women’s effective participation in conflict mediation and in peacemaking is a high priority for the United Nations. read


Baylor Title IX coordinator resigns, school says she demanded movie rights in mediation

Baylor University officials were mostly mum Tuesday following the resignation of Patty Crawford, the school’s first full-time Title IX coordinator, other than to say the school was surprised by the move and found “troubling” a request by Crawford “to retain book and movie rights” regarding her time at Baylor, which included the yearlong sexual assault scandal the school is trying to move past. read


A look at the past, present and future of mediation

For those old enough to recall, alternative dispute resolution began in earnest when the Indianapolis Bar Association worked with the Marion County courts to establish “settlement week.” read


Court will try mediation in Kelly murder case

Adrian Collins, 29, and his mother, Melissa Collins, 62, were scheduled to be tried Oct. 24 for the murder of Ronnie L. Kelly. But on Wednesday, Madison Circuit Judge Jean C. Logue, agreed to let the prosecution and defense try to resolve the case through mediation. read


U.S. to Bar Arbitration Clauses in Nursing Home Contracts

The federal agency that controls more than $1 trillion in Medicare and Medicaid funding has moved to prevent nursing homes from forcing claims of elder abuse, sexual harassment and even wrongful death into the private system of justice known as arbitration. read


Which Mediation Website Has Most Links In?

Which website is the most "linked in." The answer is abundantly clear. See the graph. read

September 2016

When passions run high over civil rights and race, Justice Dept. mediators try to keep the peace

When civil unrest threatens to turn violent across the country, the Justice Department has a small team of mediators across the country whose job is not to investigate or prosecute, but to ease tensions. read


Schools' new 'restorative' discipline aims to keep kids in the classroom

Why do students disobey their teachers, fight or act out in other harmful ways? And what's the best way to fairly discipline all students? read


How to put children ahead of broken relationships

University of Virginia psychology professor Robert Emery's message to divorcing couples is simple; parents should be parents so that kids can be kids. read


Mediate, arbitrate or litigate — the choice is yours

The process with the least financial impact is mediation. The association will assign a trained mediator to facilitate a resolution or compromise that will leave all of the affected parties feeling they have been heard and have played an active role in determining the outcome. read


USC is First Top Law School to Offer Master's for Lawyers and Non-Lawyers in ADR

The USC Gould School of Law announced it is launching two new master's degrees for attorneys and professionals in one of the fastest growing areas of law and business - alternative dispute resolution. USC is the first top 20 law school to offer a Master of Dispute Resolution and Master of Laws in Alternative Dispute Resolution. read


Israel: Accused officer to begin mediation with military prosecutor

In the wake of the indictment issued against Brigadier General Ofek Buchris, the sides have agreed to begin mediation procedures. read


How Culture Affects International And Domestic Arbitration And Mediation

Earlier this month, the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) hosted their annual convention in Chicago. The HNBA assembled a terrific panel titled, “The Importance of Culture in Conflict Resolution: Scenarios in International and Domestic Arbitration and Mediation." read


Pepperdine Professor to Speak on Global Mediation Trends in North Haven

Pepperdine law professor Thomas Stipanowich will explore global mediation trends and challenges at Quinnipiac on October 13 read


Lowndes County, cities headed to mediation

Valdosta, Lowndes County and each of its smaller cities are headed to mediation because they could not reach an agreement on service delivery strategies. read


Can mediation mend relationships on Duval's school board?

After a year of accusing each other of communicating disrespectfully, including eye rolls, smirks, insulting texts, chastising emails and, most recently, a resignation request, the Duval County School Board and its superintendent say they are ready to call in a mediator. read


Top Reasons to Mediate Employment Disputes

As an employment attorney and mediator, I believe mediation is a good alternative to protracted employment litigation. Below are the top reasons why. read


Aging Care and In-Home Care Issues Among Family May Be Resolved Using Mediators

Elder care mediators may help families resolve disputes or misunderstandings to find the best solution for those in need. read


Controversial debate topics concerning mandatory mediation under Italian law

On March 24, 2016 the Court of Verona issued an Order which deals with the following controversial topics, both related to mandatory mediation procedure set forth in Legislative Decree no. 28 of 2010: the purpose of the first mediation session and the relationship between mediation and cross-claim. read


Getting Through the 6 Stages of Mediation

Mediation is not a single event, not a one-time meeting where magically issues are resolved. Rather, mediation is a process that occurs with very predictable steps. read


Mediator enlisted for Ashland Board of Health amid tension

Months-long tension on the Board of Health has manifested itself in long, public arguments, Open Meeting Law complaints, record requests and a recall campaign. Seeking an end to it, town officials are bringing in a professional mediator. read


Mediation effort produces guilty plea in 2015 7th Ward killing

Like so many gun deaths in New Orleans, Gregory Journee's was both senseless and avoidable. How it was resolved Monday (Sept. 19) in an Orleans Parish courtroom was possibly groundbreaking. read


Greenville PD offering "mediation" for citizen complaints

How police interact with the minority community is getting close attention across the nation. Now, the Greenville Police Department is offering a solution for any citizen who has a complaint about a police officer. It’s called “police mediation” and it’s the first program of its kind in South Carolina. read


Pope to Mediate Talks Between Venezuelan Government, Opposition

Pope Francis agreed Thursday to be a mediator between the Venezuelan government and the opposition to help achieve a resolution to the current political crisis in the South American nation. read


County headed to mediation, again, over Smith Lake boat ramp

The Cullman County Commission is headed back to mediation in a legal dispute with a Crane Hill marina over who has exclusive rights to a Smith Lake boat launch. read


Is mediation the answer to workplace bullying?

While workplace bullying will usually warrant some sort of investigation, there may be other, more effective options for HR. read


Divorce mediator busted for husband kidnapping plot

A Monsey divorce mediator was arrested and charged with helping a rabbi plot the kidnapping of a man who refused to give his poor wife an Orthodox Jewish divorce, also known as a “get.” read


Resolving eldercare issues

When elderly people encounter changes that bring stress and challenges to their lives and those of family members, mediation provides an opportunity for all concerned to participate in a safe, respectful and moderated conversation where differences can be discussed, information gathered and agreements reached. read


Time to call in the mediator

An organisation should look to engage an independent mediator or facilitator when: the issues are long-standing; the issues are complex; there is a risk of an adverse action; the disputants request one; and if internal resolution attempts have not worked. read


Ohio public-records mediation a smart move for state and its citizens: editorial

The Ohio legislature deserves a thumbs-up for giving citizens a way to dig into public records without forcing them to dig deep into their pockets. Under Substitute Senate Bill 321, citizens denied public records by a government entity in Ohio will be able to opt for a $25 mediation process through the Ohio Court of Claims instead of having to file a lawsuit and thereby forcing the government to defend itself in court. read


Caesars Bankruptcy Mediator Abruptly Resigns

Words hurt and the mediator overseeing Caesars Entertainment Operating Co (CEOC) negotiations with its creditor constituencies proved it today when he resigned from his role, saying he was “struck” by bankruptcy court Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar’s response to his mediation efforts and that he “can’t continue.” read


A divorce mediator answers: Can divorced parents just act like parents?

I want divorced parents to just act like parents, so their kids can be just kids, not “children of divorce” or “children from broken homes.” I hate labels that define children by something that happened to their parents’ romantic relationship. read


Mediator Assigned After Makeup Artists at Fox News Claim They Were Made to Watch Sexual Video

This week, federal judge Vernon Broderick appointed a mediator after a former Fox News hair/makeup artist filed a claim against the network for discrimination. Three hair and makeup artists filed their original complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  read


Traveling service offers mediation

Holly E. Poulin has opened a traveling mediation service in central Vermont. The Mediation Service will serve families, communities and small businesses in Lamoille, Washington, Orange and Chittenden counties. read


Malta: Proposals for extension of mediation services

The Justice Ministry has issued a White Paper with proposals aimed at making mediation a more effective instrument for conflict resolution by ordinary citizens. Mediation services will also be extended to cover disputes involving rents. read


Quarry lawsuit in La Grange to go to mediation

A lawsuit that has cast doubt on the future of a multimillion dollar flood control project proposed in La Grange is going to mediation. read


Germany Makes Request for EU Mediation in Fiat Emissions Dispute

The European Commission said Germany requested that it mediate a dispute with Italy over whether Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s vehicles breached emissions rules. read


Mediation brings guilty pleas from two former employees in Lewiston embezzlement case

Two former employees of a Lewiston helicopter company who police say embezzled more than $200,000 from their employer entered guilty pleas Tuesday in Lewiston's 2nd District Court as part of plea agreements brought about by several months of mediation. read


SolarWorld and Hemlock to hold mediation conference to explore 'settlement' possibilities

SolarWorld and Hemlock are set to hold a mediation conference on 19 September following SolarWorld being ordered to pay Hemlock damages amounting US $793 million plus costs and interest in July. read


Mediation has made it into pop music!

Listen to Aluna George sing "Mediator." To say AlunaGeorge’s journey so far has been ‘unusual’ would be a mighty understatement. read


Police investigation into Bath officer's cannabis comments 'resolved through mediation'

A police investigation into a Bath officer's comments on cannabis has been 'resolved' - but the complainant is far from satisfied. Avon and Somerset Police investigated a complaint about PC Adge Secker's remarks about the cannabis industry after the Independent Police Complaints Commission ruled the force was wrong to dismiss it. read


Hospital wants mediation, fact finding with nurses

The San Benito Health Care District Board last week directed Hazel Hawkins Memorial Hospital administration to begin a fact-finding process and mediation with the California Nurses Association over a 14-month contract dispute. read


Bar of NI secures home for specialist mediation centre in Belfast city centre

“This development is a positive step to offer local businesses and individuals’ quality, local dispute resolution. Successful mediation allows parties to mutually arrive at a blend of legal and non-legal solutions suited to their needs and we will be offering a suite of services.” read


What I Did On My Summer Vacation OR 20 Things I Learned About Divorce Mediation

As a divorced mom and parent coach, one of the things I feel passionate about is helping divorced couples co-parent to the ultimate benefit of their children. So among the many things I did this summer was to take a week to focus on my own education before I hustled to launch my three young-adult children on their individual academic adventures. In short, I took the Divorce Mediation Skills Training Certificate Program at Northwestern University. read


AU Debt mediation Bill backs farmers against ‘overwhelming’ power of banks

THE State Government has introduced legislation it says will remove the “overwhelming power of the banks’’ in dealing with farmers. The Farm Business Debt Mediation Bill will provide farmers and credit providers with a formal process “for efficient and equitable’’ resolution of farm debt disputes and may allow for a farmer to remedy any previous default on their mortgage. read


Lawsuit Over Years-Denied Mosque Moves to Mediation

Mediation will begin late September to settle a federal lawsuit that accuses a New Jersey township of caving to anti-Muslim sentiment and blocking an Islamic group from building a mosque. read


Do You Bring an Expert to Mediation?

Just as with trial, mediation is all about being prepared. Bringing a settlement expert to mediation has a number of benefits beyond its part in building a comprehensive and robust settlement team. On the other hand, having an expert at this point may come with disadvantages in some cases. read

August 2016

Belfast barristers take mediation road to resolve differences

Belfast businessman Gareth Graham and vulture fund Cerberus used mediation to resolve their differences earlier this year. read