Mediation in Today's News

May 2017

Mediation: dragging your feet will cost you in UK

Parties receive considerable encouragement by the courts to mediate. Recent Court of Appeal decisions reinforce that approach. read


Mental Health and Mediation of Workplace Disputes

I have recently been asked if resolving workplace disputes by mediation is still viable if one of the parties is suffering from mental health issues. The quick answer is that it makes use of that process even more desirable, but this being Mental Health Week, let’s take a closer look. read


Judge Orders Preservation of Mediation Notes in Gender Bias Suit Against Proskauer

In a rare move, a federal judge in Washington, D.C. has issued an emergency order to preserve the notes of a mediation session in which an attorney from Proskauer Rose allegedly threatened a female partner who is now suing the firm for gender discrimination. read


Lake and Sumter counties seeking claim mediators

TAVARES – The 5th Judicial Circuit is looking for volunteer mediators for Lake and Sumter counties to help settle claim disputes outside the courtrooms. read


Nonprofit View: What makes Community Mediation 'community?'

The Carroll County Community Mediation Center (CCCMC) is one of 17 community mediation centers in the state of Maryland. read


Puerto Rico creditors open to mediation in bankruptcy court

Puerto Rico's main creditors, meeting before a U.S. bankruptcy judge in the largest public finance restructuring case in history, are interested in continuing mediation settlement talks to resolve the island's unpayable $70 billion debt bill. read


Cellino & Barnes dispute headed for mediation

The white-hot dispute between warring partners of the Cellino & Barnes law firm could be headed for a mediation cool down. read


Pakistan cracks down on men trading young daughters to settle debts and disputes

Pakistan's government is trying to institutionalize systems that could help stamp out the practice. In January, lawmakers approved an out-of-court settlement process that might curb vani ceremonies by taking civil dispute remediation out of the hands of jirgas.  read


Out-of-court settlements: Senate approves Alternative Dispute Resolution Bill

ISLAMABAD: The Senate on Monday passed the Alternative Dispute Resolution Bill, 2017 relating to out-of-court settlements. Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR] is a process where parties prefer resolving disputes out of the courts through arbitration, mediation, conciliation and neutral evaluation. read


Prenuptial/Precivil Partnership Agreements And Mediation - A Marriage Made In Heaven

The advantage of discussing the prenuptial/precivil partnership agreement in mediation is that the couple will discuss their aspirations and concerns in a confidential and safe environment before pen is put to paper. read


Judge orders mediation in playground suit

A circuit court judge has ordered mediation in an unusual lawsuit between the city of Cookeville and a resident who lives next to the Heart of the City Playground. read


Need to adopt Online Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Justice Dipak Misra

Justice Dipak Misra Judge at Supreme Court of India and executive chairman, National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), has stressed the need for innovative techniques like online dispute resolution mechanisms to increase greater outreach to the ultimate consumer of justice delivery services. read


Legal luminaries stress on pre-litigation mediation

INDIA: Supreme Court judge Justice Dipak Misra has laid stress on the need for giving legislative back-up to pre-litigation mediation and building national and state legal policies on mediation on the second day of Global Pound Conference. read


Ag Mediation Services Are Available

The South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Mediation Program is available for farmers and ranchers in financial distress. read


Colorado governor approves public records mediation

Colorado has a new law encouraging citizens and state agencies to resolve public records disputes outside court. The new law offers mediation as an option when a citizen wants to challenge a government agency's denial of his or her request for public records. read


Trials may be vanishing but not the need for mediation

The phenomenon known as the “vanishing trial” has been a topic of serious discussion, and in some quarters, serious concern, since statistics showing a marked decline in the number of criminal and civil trials were first reported in 2004. read


Mediation at the core of training to help veterans

Far from foreign battlefields, David Felty is learning to help military veterans resolve conflicts of a different sort. read


Do not treat mediation as routine and ordinary

Preparation is the key to success. As lawyers and advocates for our clients, this is not a foreign concept to any of us. However, when it comes to mediation, I (Tom) have found that attorneys sometimes forget this key advice. read


Lawmakers hit freestanding emergency rooms with mediation and disclosure requirements

The TX House voted 129-11 in favor of the Senate's version of a bill that will force freestanding emergency rooms and other out-of-network providers into mediation with customers who dispute surprise bills The law also requires that bills sent to patients include a prominent explanation of the mediation process. read


Mediation agency celebrating its 30th anniversary

What began 30 years ago as a way to help people resolve disputes affordably, the Mediation and Training Collaborative will mark its anniversary with a celebration that’s open to the public. read


Concord adopts rent mediation program

A year after a group of Latino residents seeking relief from soaring housing costs in the Monument Boulevard neighborhood spurred a debate over rent control, city leaders have established a process for tenants to appeal large rent increases. read


Students talk it through with peer mediation

'I never saw conflicts resolved in that way; I just saw them ignored or people yelling at each other.' read


Mediators Share Advice on Managing Outside Counsel

Most cases resolve at some point, and early mediation lowers the costs incurred in litigation. In going even further though, I would advise in-house counsel to challenge some of the common practices litigation counsel often employ. read


The Mediator’s Proposal As A Tool For Litigants

Should a mediator — the legal neutral to the dispute — try to resolve the case by issuing a nonbinding proposal based upon a dollar amount that he feels could be accepted by the parties? read


Mediators seeing a rise in attorneys arriving unprepared

The rustling of papers and the sight of attorneys sifting through documents to find information has led Vanessa Lopez Aguilera to conclude attorneys increasingly are arriving unprepared for mediation. read


A Mediator or an Arbitrator or a Facilitator': Trump's Role in the Mideast Peace Process

President Trump told the Palestinian Authority’s president that he envisions the U.S. being “a mediator or an arbitrator or a facilitator” between Israelis and Palestinians as Mahmoud Abbas marked his first visit to Washington in three years. read


Mediation group plays key role in promoting justice

During her State of Judiciary address, Chief Justice Katherine A. Maraman announced that Inafa’ Maolek, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting peaceful conflict resolution, was this year’s recipient of the Hustisia Award. read


What to consider when preparing for mediation

Coming to the negotiating table can be stressful, not only for the parties but also for the lawyers involved. Here are some tips based on my experiences for what both sides can do to have a successful mediation. read


K-State offers mediation service to solve disputes

Kansas State offers a mediation service, a form of intervention in a dispute in order to resolve it, to Riley and Geary county residents. read


Lawmakers hit freestanding emergency rooms with mediation and disclosure requirements

The TX House voted 129-11 on Wednesday in favor of the Senate's version of a bill that will force freestanding emergency rooms and other out-of-network providers into mediation with customers who dispute surprise bills under a state program launched in 2009. read


Jackson divorce simmers down — then Jesse Jr. stokes flames

During mediation, the Jacksons will sit in the same room during negotiations, with their lawyers and an independent mediator present. read


Pope proposes Vatican mediation in Venezuela crisis

Pope Francis has called for the respect of human rights and an end to violence in Venezuela, where nearly 30 people have died in unrest this month. read


FIFA welcomes outcome of NCP mediation process on workers' welfare in Qatar

FIFA looks forward to the continued engagement with BWI along the lines outlined in the Final Statement and in the form of specific projects. More information on the mediation process and the Final Statement is available. read


North Korea crisis: Pope urges international mediation

Pope Francis has called for international mediation to ease rising tensions between the US and North Korea over Pyongyang's nuclear activity. read


Ownership of Dover Dairy Queen property to go to mediation

A mediation session is being scheduled over efforts by the Dover Board of Education to take the Dover Dairy Queen property by eminent domain for construction of a new high school. read


Judge orders mediation in Browning vs. William Carey

The judge hearing the Daniel Browning lawsuit against William Carey University has ordered the case to mediation. Judge Robert Helfrich will not allow scheduling of a court date in Forrest County Circuit Court until the case is heard by a mediator.


April 2017

How To Make A Hard Divorce Easier On Your Kids

These are my tips, some serious, some playful, some in-between. read


Puerto Rico mediation devolves into war of words, deal still elusive

A war of words rather than talk of reconciliation is the latest indication that Puerto Rico and its creditors are getting nowhere fast in their negotiations to restructuring the island's $70 billion in debt before mediation is due to end. read


SunEdison Yieldco Deal Allocation Spat Heads To Mediation

SunEdison Inc.’s contentious bankruptcy appeared to have hit a tipping point as the New York bankruptcy judge overseeing the case ordered all parties involved to enter mediation talks. read


Mediation begins in Hanford tank vapor lawsuit

Parties in a federal lawsuit asking for better protection of Hanford workers from chemical vapors met with a mediator in Seattle. read


How to ensure information disclosed in a mediation remains confidential

Not all documents or evidence produced for the purposes of a mediation will automatically be protected by the without prejudice nature of the mediation process.


Pa. lawmakers to mull community mediation

Pennsylvania lawmakers will discuss a proposed change Tuesday, to how the state handles disputes within private communities.  read


Penn Law's Mediation Clinic: Tackling international child abduction disputes

Last semester, two Law School students took a month to prepare for a high-stakes mediation: an international child abduction dispute in Omaha, Nebraska. read


South Dakota Department of Ag Seeing More Farm Loan Mediation Requests

Officials with the South Dakota Department of Agriculture are seeing a significant increase in those requesting farm loan mediation. It’s directly tied to low commodity prices and the state of the farm economy. read


Bay Area cities choosing mediation over rent control

As the divisive debate over rent control spread across the Bay Area last year, city leaders settled on mediation as a compromise between tenants seeking relief from soaring housing costs and landlords averse to capping rent increases. read


Debunking Arbitration, Mediation Myths in Health Care Litigation

I would like to debunk some mediation "myths" by highlighting my experiences as a trial attorney for the defense in both mediation and arbitration. read


Senate approves Colorado public records mediation

A bill encouraging citizens and state agencies to resolve public records disputes outside court is headed to the Colorado governor's desk. The Senate passed the bill Monday 35-0. It offers mediation as an option when a citizen wants to challenge a government agency's denial of his or her request for public records. read


UK opticians call for mediation service

The UK Federation of (Ophthalmic and Dispensing) Opticians (FODO) is calling for a mediation service to handle disputes over refractive surgery. read


Peer mediation is go-to conflict resolution at Brockton High

Brockton High School peer mediators said they think the program works because they can relate to student conflicts. read


Vail Law column: The flow of mediation

Like many things, mediation often has a certain predictable drift and cadence to it. A mediation is like a river. And, if you know where and when to expect the eddies, vortices, and ripples, then you know when to hold on to the gunwales and when to dig in for a stroke. read


Peace Diplomacy: Finding Entry Points for Female Mediators

The Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström has invested in a network of female mediators to strengthen women’s roles in peace and reconstruction processes. However, it is not just the supply of female mediators that is the problem, but the demand as well. read