Mediation in Today's News

February 2016

Just keep talking

In a world of pronounced political polarization, religious differences, economic inequity and cultural divergence, Carrie Menkel-Meadow holds onto something her father once told her: “As long as we keep talking, there’s hope.” Her lifelong commitment to the power of talk, mediation and active listening has earned the University of California, Irvine Chancellor’s Professor of law an honorary doctorate from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, awarded Feb. 10. read


Long-running legal aid dispute resolved after mediation

A long-running dispute between lawyers and the justice minister which led to delays in more than 900 court cases was resolved last night. read


Amman, Jordan - New mediation law to allow for settling cases out of court

Jordan is in the process of adopting a new mediation law and establishing an independent mediation centre where the parties to a lawsuit can meet with a neutral third party in an effort to settle the case outside court, according to Justice Minister Bassam Talhouni. read


Confronting Police with Mediation, Not Conflict

Last week it was announced that Baltimore residents would get the chance to confront police officers face to face that they’ve had beef with, in a formal, controlled context. Many who see the Baltimore City Police Department as an occupying force in poor communities of color, have waited for this opportunity for a long time. read


Feuding Tutus call a truce after mediation

A last-minute mediated truce between feuding members of retired archbishop Desmond Tutu's family has averted the prospect of dirty linen being aired in court. read


A guide to dealing with workplace bullying

More and more employers are using alternative dispute resolution procedures, including mediation for instances of bullying. Mediation is completely voluntary and the individuals must be given the choice of whether they want to participate. read


Economic Mediation in Cases Involving Domestic Violence: A Prickly Proposition

With the advent of economic mediation pilot programs involving cases including a history of domestic violence with final restraining orders in place, the appropriateness of and approach to such cases has become an issue of heightened importance. read


Overcoming Impasse at Mediation: Bargaining with Brackets

One of the most effective negotiation tools available to the mediator and the parties is a "bracket." A "bracket" is a conditional proposal in which a negotiator says: "We will go to X if you will go to Y." X and Y create a "bracket" between which the offering party proposes to limit negotiations. read


Should the mediator be evaluative?

No one wanted a mediator to impose his assessment of the merits like a judge descending momentarily from the bench. At the same time it was recognised that the reason why many mediators are chosen is because they are thought to already have knowledge and experience relevant to the topic in dispute and can therefore be respected and bring their experience and knowledge to bear on the discussion. read


A.C. amusement park battle heads to mediation

A lender and the owners of Atlantic City's Steel Pier are heading to mediation over the reported $1.5 million the amusement park proprietors owe for several loan defaults. read


Baltimore Residents Work to Heal Their City Through Police Mediation

Residents who file complaints against police for issues such as discourtesy will be invited to mediation sessions along with officers named in the complaint. The confidential sessions will be run by a trained third party mediator from Community Mediation Baltimore in a neutral space such as a church or conference room. read


Caesars proposes a mediator to speed up bankruptcy deal

The bankrupt operating unit of Caesars Entertainment Corp on Wednesday proposed mediation in its Chapter 11 case, potentially changing the course of the litigious, drawn-out bankruptcy proceedings. read


Tyga Says Kanye West Acted As A Mediator And Helped Him End His Feud With Drake

According to Tyga, Kanye kept it simple and placed both emcees in a room together for them to bury the hatchet read


Israel Requires Mediation for Divorce

A law has been passed in Israel that will come into force in July. It requires couples to try mediation before they can obtain their divorce through the courts. read


Syria Talks Are Declared Open as Mediator Begins Shuttle Diplomacy

Declaring the official beginning of the first Syria peace talks in two years, the United Nations mediator said Monday that they must show results to the country’s suffering civilians and he called on the outside powers that are helping drive the conflict to take steps to reduce the violence. The mediator, Staffan de Mistura, said his most important objective now was to keep both sides talking — even if they are not talking directly to each other. read


'Popularise mediation in dispute resolution'

Justice V. Gopala Gowda of the Supreme Court on Saturday emphasised the need for a collective endeavour to popularise mediation, a potent tool of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism, with a thrust on rural areas to help the litigant public arrive at mutually agreeable settlement. read


Mediation: The Real Weapon for Peace

If there is one clear conclusion to draw, it is this: it is possible to prevent violent conflicts, yet most of the time we fail. This needs to change. We must recommit to mediation. read


Baltimore to launch mediation program for citizen complaints against police

Baltimore is planning to put police officers face-to-face with people who have filed complaints against them. Mediation sessions, meant to open up communication and improve police-community relations, could start within the next few weeks. Trained mediators are to run the sessions. read


Key habits of top mediators

Here are some of the key habits diligently and consistently employed by top mediators around the globe. read


Trudeau says Ottawa will be ‘responsible mediator’ in energy debate

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the new federal government wants to oversee a full and fair national debate over controversial energy issues such as pipelines and will act as a “responsible mediator.” read

January 2016

FINRA Arbitrations: Behind Claimant “Win” Statistics

FINRA reported that, for 2015, Claimants won about half of private securities arbitrations: 47% for all-public panel decisions; 45% for majority-public panels. A colleague and securities mediator recently studied FINRA’s 2015 private securities arbitrations to see just what the results are when Claimants “win.”   read


Ombudsman: Who she is and what she does

A new office at South Dakota State University will serve students, faculty and staff as a private place to discuss and resolve any university-related problems. The Office of the Ombuds is an independent problem-solving resource available to anyone with concerns or complaints against the university. Serving as SDSU’s first ombudsperson is Nicole Picconi. read


Overton Park Conservancy Agrees to Mediation

The Overton Park Conservancy (OPC) board agreed Wednesday to enter into a mediation process with the Memphis Zoological Society (MZS), as requested Tuesday by Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland. read


Mediation continues in Harbourside lawsuit vs. Jupiter

The lawsuit filed Jan. 5 by Harbourside Place against the town of Jupiter is going to mediation. If attorneys from both sides reach a settlement through mediation, a court trial would be avoided. read


Lawyers consider mediation in bid to resolve Northern Ireland legal aid dispute

Lawyers and the Department of Justice are to consider mediation in a bid to end the bitter pay dispute that has caused a huge backlog in criminal trials, it has emerged. read


Boston police aim to lower backlog of routine complaints

The Boston Police Department has launched a mediation program aimed at reducing a backlog of routine complaints against officers — an idea first suggested a decade ago. read


'You can not mediate racism,' Brookline officers say

Two black Brookline police officers who say racism within the department has left them fearing for their safety have rejected a public appeal from the police chief to sit down with a mediator to find a way they can return to work. “You can not mediate racism,” they said Monday in an e-mailed statement to the Globe. read


CUNY seeking mediation to settle contract, avoid faculty walk-out

The City University of New York (CUNY) is seeking mediation to settle its contract with faculty members and avoid the possibility of a strike or walk-out. Some 27,000 faculty members and staff at CUNY's 24 campuses. Faculty and staff have been working without a contract for five years. read


"Streetbeefs": A Different Kind of Mediation

A new documentary called “Guns to Gloves” has been making the rounds on social media, and getting a lot of buzz in the Shenandoah Valley. It was posted by the New York Times earlier this month. In that video, we meet a man in Harrisonburg who is engaging in a unique, but perhaps time-honored – method of dispute resolution, staging fistfights in his backyard. read


Judge suggests mediation in Hulk Hogan sex tape suit against Gawker

Hulk Hogan and Gawker Media should seek mediation instead of a trial, the Pinellas County circuit judge overseeing their case said in a Wednesday hearing. read


Strickland calls for mediation as City Council weighs in on park conflict

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland called for both sides in the Overton Park parking dispute to agree to mediation after a meeting with zoo and park officials Tuesday. read


Fukushima to turn to third-party mediator to resolve claims dispute with TEPCO

The Fukushima prefectural government, exasperated by Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s foot-dragging, plans to turn to a third-party organ for the first time to resolve a dispute over damages arising from the 2011 nuclear disaster.  read


Tobaccoville to use mediator in debate over gun noise, explosives

A mediation specialist will be used by residents of Tobaccoville to help settle a debate over gun noise and explosives in the village limits. read


Private Mediation Does Not Toll Five-Year Statute—CA

Efforts at settling a case through private mediation in the closing months of the statutory five-year period for bringing the action to trial do not toll the time limit, the Court of Appeal for this district has ruled. read


UC's decision to mediate came from the top

After university administrators have faced accusations in recent years of responding too slowly to crisis situations, the University of Cincinnati made a move today that could set it apart. It was announced Monday that UC would pay a $4,850,000 settlement to the estate of Sam DuBose after both parties agreed to mediation. read


Landlords and tenants in dispute to get access to free mediation service

In Ireland, Landlords and tenants who are in dispute will now be able to access free mediation services through the Private Residential Tenancies Board (PRTB). read


Singapore: Mediation to play bigger role in medical lawsuits: CJ Menon

Changes are in store for medical lawsuits, with mediation to play a bigger role, and judges to pro-actively direct proceedings with help from medical experts. read


Divine intervention? Business conflicts could be solved at church

If you want to solve a business conflict – go to church. England's cathedrals are getting behind a new idea which opens their doors for mediation as an alternative to litigation for resolving company battles. read


Have you resolved to get divorced in 2016?

As many of us turn our thoughts to making changes in the New Year, a good number are likely contemplating divorce. Turns out, January is a popular month to file for divorce for many Americans. read


Alternative dispute resolution in Kenya

The main alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods available in Kenya are negotiation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration. There is no mandatory requirement for parties to commercial litigation to submit to ADR proceedings. However, in terms of the Civil Procedure Act, the courts may, either on the application of the parties or on its own motion, refer a commercial dispute to ADR mechanisms. read


Singapore Family Justice Court to focus more on kids’ welfare, mediation processes

For all contentious child cases now, counselling and mediation is required, with a pilot programme that includes a therapeutic interview with affected children. “We found that this helped parents appreciate the consequences of their actions on their children, with encouraging results." read


Judge orders mediation in flight path dispute

A battle has been brewing since 2014 between residents in the City of Phoenix and the FAA. At issue are flight path changes that take planes directly over some historic neighborhoods. Now the parties could be one step closer to resolving things. A judge has ordered that the FAA and City of Phoenix try and work out an agreement in mediation. read


Prospects for mediation between Saudi Arabia and Iran?

There have been several offers for mediation including from Russia, Turkey, Iraq, and Oman. But the United States did not offer to mediate, despite the open lines between Washington and Tehran. read


How to Manage Family Strife

Families argue -- especially around the holidays. Overbearing in-laws, wayward teens, stepfamilies, elder care or antiquated parenting plans can turn a home into a war zone. While some situations are easily resolved, others can linger for months -- even years. Instead of allowing conflict to fester -- consider mediation. read Most Visited Mediation Website By A Mile

With more than 10 fold the traffic of any other mediation website,, now entering its 21st year, continues to be the world's most visited mediation website. Founded in 1996 by leaders in the mediation field, offers the world's leading mediator directory, geographically focused marketing and online development for mediators and mediation programs. read


How Arbitration Has Advantage Over a Trial

By exchanging the uncertainty and delay of class-action participation for a fair and timely arbitration procedure in which he has nothing to lose, the consumer’s financial disadvantage at the time of contract would be eliminated. read


Idaho: Mediation of charges explained

As Gem County Magistrate Judge, Tyler Smith hears and adjudicates a variety of cases, from citations and family issues to misdemeanors and preliminary hearings for felony cases. One role he also takes on is mediation of criminal cases. read


Alternate mediation: Dispute resolution councils resolve 528 cases in December

Peshawar: Dispute resolution councils (DRC) successfully resolved 528 petty disputes, in December 2014, across the province. read


Mediation Matters: Changing the culture of divorce – a mediator’s new year reflections

NFM's At-Court Mediation project successfully showed that couples who have become entrenched in conflict can, with the right help, find an exit from the courtroom drama and move on in a positive way. read


Mediation center at local college appoints first coordinator

The College of Southern Maryland has named Julie A. Walton as coordinator of the Charles County Mediation Center at the College of Southern Maryland. As the center’s first coordinator, Walton brings 20 years of experience as a practitioner, trainer and mentor of conflict management encompassing mediation, negotiation, facilitation, consensus building and community dialogue. read


Mon suggests mediation in Justice Center rent dispute

The Monongalia County Commission said it will suggest mediation by a three-person panel in determining what constitutes a reasonable rate for the West Virginia Supreme Court to pay for space in the new Monongalia County Justice Center. read


US rules out mediation role in easing Saudi-Iran tensions - State Department

The United States does not plan to mediate in the latest diplomatic row between Saudi Arabia and Iran over Riyadh’s execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr and 46 other Shiite Muslims, US Department of State spokesperson John Kirby said during a press briefing on Monday. read


Judge sets mediation deadlines in Exxon lawsuits

The lawsuits stem from an incident in March 2013 where a 22-foot seam in the Pegasus pipeline ruptured and spilled roughly 3,190 barrels of oil near Mayflower and Lake Conway, causing 22 homes to be evacuated. Exxon Mobil demolished three homes after oil had seeped under the foundation. Collectively, more than 90 plaintiffs have filed complaints. read


Mediation to begin this month in water wars

A mediator is expected to wade into troubled waters between Georgia and Florida this month to potentially settle a lawsuit that’s cost both states tens of millions of dollars in two years. read


Mediation—Has the Joint Session Lost its Value?

A recent survey of JAMS neutrals conducted in April 2015 revealed a decline in the use of the joint sessions. 80 percent of the neutrals surveyed reported that they used joint sessions when they first started mediating—ranging from four to 20 years ago. In 2015, only 45 percent regularly use joint sessions. read

December 2015

Why The CFPB Thinks Arbitration Is Bad

Opponents of the practice note that while arbitration can be used judiciously, it has been adopted as a favored tactic of service providers (cable companies), financial services firms (credit card companies) and debt collectors (particularly expired debt collectors) to skirt consumer protection laws and insulate themselves from class action lawsuits. read


U.N. Syria mediator aims to convene peace talks on January 25

The United Nations said on Saturday it aims to bring together Syria's warring parties on Jan. 25 in Geneva to begin talks to try to end nearly five years of civil war. U.N. Syria mediator Staffan de Mistura plans to convene representatives of the Syrian government and "the broadest possible spectrum of the Syrian opposition and others." read


USD Club Proves Mediation is Route to Success

When so much of our world seems to be full of conflict, three students at the University of San Diego see another route. They are officially called the Law and Business Mediation Club, “What we do is teach students skills on how to be peacemakers and utilize alternative dispute resolution." read


Number of people in family mediation rises

The number of people using mediation to resolve family disputes has risen, the UK government announced this week. In their figures for the third quarter of 2015 – July to September – the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) revealed that the number of mediation sessions started was 19 per cent higher than last year. read


Criminal mediation set Dec. 30 for ex-Blackfoot coach accused of lewd conduct with a player

A second district judge will be called in to assist in mediation aimed at reaching a plea agreement in the case of Alisha Yeates, the former Blackfoot High School girls’ soccer coach charged with sexual abusing one of her players. read


Will “Justice Mediation” Be Pushed Forward?

IMPACT Justice wants to alleviate the backlog in Saint Lucia’s courts. By training community leaders in mediation skills, the objective is to resolve civil matters totally outside of the courtroom. read


FSC Launches Mediation in Canada to Ensure Responsible Forest Management

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) International is convening a mediation process to bring together stakeholders in a spirit of collaboration, to address issues raised recently in Canada, particularly in Quebec and in Ontario, about FSC certification. read


Crisis mediation group plans to open up sites in Baltimore after first Freddie Gray case verdict

A crisis mediation group plans to open up several sites around Baltimore after the verdict is announced in the first trial of a police officer charged in Freddie Gray's arrest and death. read


Ore. Mediation Confidentiality Law Gets Narrow Reading

A client who filed a malpractice suit alleging his attorney mishandled the client's case while it was being mediated may introduce evidence of his private discussions with the lawyer outside of the actual mediation sessions, the Oregon Supreme Court declared Dec. 10. read


Encinitas tests mediation for neighborhood conflicts

Voluntary programs for battling neighbors as well as developers planning home projects will debut in 2016 read


Mediation With Workplace Bullies

Understanding that bullying is a pattern of behavior, can this pattern of behavior change with enough pressure? I believe that there are two types of bullying situations to consider — in one type there wouldn’t be mediation and in the other there could be. read


FINRA Arbitration Process Due for Overhaul?

FINRA's troubled dispute resolution forum could come in for an overhaul. That's a possibility now that the regulator's arbitration task force has issued a new report containing 51 recommendations to reform arbitration. read


Mediation starts in the last quarter up by 19%

he Ministry of Justice has published the latest legal aid statistics for July to September 2015. The number of mediation assessments fell sharply after the introduction of LASPO in April 2013, but over the last year the number of mediation assessments has stabilised at around half of pre-LASPO levels, despite quarterly fluctuations. read


Marc Stanley: Support and use local mediation

Lenawee County features mediation services, which offer people a way to help resolve their disagreements in an alternative to the traditional legal process. Use and support it. read


Mediation Proves Beneficial to Victim, Offender, Community at Large

Since 2006, the Victim-Offender Mediation Program at the Center for Dispute Resolution (CDR) has aimed to reduce recidivism and increase restitution follow-through. The program at Missouri State University uses mediation between the victim and offender to come up with a restitution agreement. read


Studies show couples wait until after the holidays to divorce, with filings peaking in March

It is not uncommon for married couples to take their children on vacation over Christmas, stay in the same hotel rooms and behave as though everything were normal— only to announce at the beginning of the new year they are getting a divorce, according to professionals who handle divorces. read


Viewpoint: The Clock is Ticking on Mediation Confidentiality

When a California lawyer is accused of wrongdoing arising from mediation, confidentiality is the first evidentiary consideration for both sides. Can the client use mediation communications to support malpractice? If not, how does the client prove the lawyer erred? read


Ore. Justices Say Not All Atty Mediation Talks Confidential

In a case of first impression, the Oregon Supreme Court found Thursday that a man suing his attorney can include in his complaint attorney-client discussions about confidential mediation with the client’s employer, if those talks happened outside the actual mediation process. read


Pre-Suit Mediation: An Alternative to the Alternative

The logical extension of early intervention is pre-suit mediation. Either immediately on the eve of or following an employee termination, a catastrophic accident, or a roiling business dispute, to cite a few examples, agreements to refrain from filing suit pending mediation are playing an increasing role in the ADR process. read


In Duluth diocese bankruptcy, judge encourages mediation

Bankruptcy Judge Robert Kressel encouraged the diocese and all parties involved -- including attorneys for sexual-abuse victims and insurers -- to work with a mediator. Kressel did not officially order mediation. read


Can US-style collaborative law finally uproot Britain's bad divorce habits?

Across the Atlantic, the collaborative approach to separation is well-established. But why are so few UK lawyers up for it? Frances Sieber explains. read


Singapore: Mediation service for foreign domestic workers to open in Feb

The idea of a mediation service for foreign domestic workers (FDWs) and their employers first came to Mr William Chew’s mind when employment agencies suggested that his organisation could take on the role of a neutral third party in such disputes. read


Judge Urges Mediation In Marina Bay Hearing

The long-awaited second Marina Bay Towers hearing came before Superior Court Judge Mark H. Sandson in a Mays Landing (NJ) courtroom Dec. 1. According to Bonnie McNamara, Sandson "wants mediation between (Department of Community Affairs) and Paul Cocoziello and his many attorneys." read


How Do You Explain Mediation?

Success in mediation does not depend on technical tricks but rather on a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of the process. Here are ten points to bear in mind when considering the mediation process or explaining it to a client. read


Current agricultural recession may increase need for farm mediation

arm mediation specialist called me three weeks ago. The mediator said there are rumblings that low farm commodity prices are triggering an uptick in distressed loans that could lead to an increased need for farm debt mediation services. read


Custodians' sexual harassment claims will go to mediation

Sexual harassment lawsuits filed by two Wappingers Central School District custodians against their former supervisor and the district are headed for mediation. read


French Companies Must Arrange Mediator for Consumer Disputes by End of Year

Currently, French consumers must bring any claims they may have against French companies to court. However, starting 31 December 2015, French companies that offer goods and services to consumers will now need to set up mechanisms to make available to their consumers, free of charge, recourse to mediation in case of a dispute arising from the poor performance of a merchandise sale contract or a service agreement. read


VA Water Project Likely Enters 'Mediation Process'

The James River Water Project will likely now enter a "mediation process" between both Louisa and Fluvanna Counties, after Fluvanna failed to pass their end of the deal. read


Judge Olu Stevens returns to bench after mediation

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Judge Olu Stevens is back on the bench two days after a mediation agreement with commonwealth attorney Tom Wine. In October, Stevens dismissed an all-white jury, agreeing with the attorney for a defendant that his client could not receive a fair trial. Questions were raised about Stevens exceeding his authority. That led Wine to ask him to recuse himself. read


Murder case heading to mediation today

Court case of an Idaho man charged with killing a prostitute in June is heading to mediation today. read


Successful Launch of the Nordic Women Mediators' Network

Initiative backed by the Nordic governments aims to increase the number of women involved in international peace mediation efforts. read


Obama plans to become the mediator between Russia and Turkey

US President Barack Obama, wants to become the mediator between Russian President, Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Obama met with Putin on Monday at the sidelines of the Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris. Obama expressed to Putin his regret over the death of the Russian pilot but he stressed that Russia must de-escalate the tension with Turkey. The US President will meet today with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. read


Mediation Perspectives: Dealing with the Problem of Patriarchy

Rather than seeing gender equality as a question of political correctness and normative necessity, we should explore it as a fundamental shift in how we shape societies and deal with conflict: questioning patriarchy and fostering cooperative decision-making processes. read


Disruption = mediation?

Disruption is the current buzz word being applied to describe events, developments or people who are challenging the traditional ways and means of doing things by identifying, developing or implementing alternatives to existing processes. It is being predominantly used where technology has been incorporated into existing businesses to radically change the operation of that business. How does this then apply to mediation? read


Ombuds Office helps develop conflict management skills

The Ombuds Office at Auburn helps guide and provide conflict resolutions skills to the Auburn community. Kevin Coonrod, Auburn ombudsperson, said the services are offered to several different people. read


Mediation gets smarter with Dubai Chamber app

Mediation is known for its safety, speed, maintaining of trade relations in the long run, and low cost compared to court settlements. The concept of mediation is becoming increasing popular in the Middle East and Dubai Chamber's newly introduced Smart App helps clients to submit request in less than 10 minutes. read


Peter James helps celebrate 21 years of resolving disputes

HIS books see people dealing with others in the worst kind of way, but that hasn't stopped Peter James' supporting healthier relationships. The best-selling crime writer was on hand to cut the cake at the 21st birthday celebrations of the Brighton and Hove Independent Mediation Service (BHIMS), of which he is patron. read


Mediation At The Paris Climate Summit

Gregg Walker will be headed to the Paris climate talks next week. But the Oregon State University Speech Communications professor won’t be there as a negotiator; he’ll be there as an observer and a researcher as a part of the non-profit Mediators Without Borders. read

November 2015

Early Mediation Can Facilitate Divorce Cases

Family lawyers should embrace early mediation as a creative tool that makes them more attractive to clients and helps them cast a net for a wider client base. read


Remembering Lou Del Duca

Over the weekend my good friend Lou Del Duca passed away. This news came as a shock, because I skype chatted with Lou about the latest developments in the UNCITRAL ODR Working Group just a week ago. read


The Importance of Community Mediation

President Obama’s recent decision to release more than 6,000 non-violent offenders from federal prisons has sparked a greater awareness about decreasing the mass incarceration and recidivism rates. Lorig Charkoudain, the Executive Director of Community Mediation from Maryland, and Erica Bridgeford, the Training Director, are offering a realistic approach to managing these tough issues. read


City conditionally agrees to mediation about Palace Hotel

Mediation as an alternative to receivership is a possibility for the Palace Hotel as long as certain things are agreed to by both sides, City Attorney David Rapport said Tuesday. Rapport said the attorneys representing the City of Ukiah spoke with attorneys representing the owner of the Palace Hotel last week and both sides verbally agreed to a course of action that includes mediation, “as long as they agree to our stipulation,” Rapport said. read


Will Tom Benson, estranged daughter come face to face in mediation?

Will Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson face his estranged daughter Renee Benson across a mediation table in San Antonio? The question is the latest dispute in the Benson family feud. Renee Benson's lawyer said Tom Benson wants the option to skip mediation in their trust dispute in Texas and send representatives in his place. Renee Benson's legal team argues that the 88-year-old must participate in person. read


Qatar brokers deal between Libya tribes

Qatar has successfully brokered peace between two rival tribes in southern Libya who have battled for control of oilfields. The tribes signed a comprehensive reconciliation agreement. The peace agreement puts an end to fighting and also stipulates the return of the displaced people to their homes, opening of the public roads and ending all armed manifestations. read


Consensus decision-making alive in some unlikely places

In this podcast, we hear from members of local cooperative and Quaker communities, visit a contentious food policy meeting and explore the challenges of unanimity. read