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Academy of Professional Family Mediators Sections

  • About Mediation
    The essential concepts and practice of mediation
  • ADA
    Mediation under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Advertising on
    Information on membership, featured placement and website development
  • Africa
    Mediation in Africa
  • Apology
    Apology in dispute resolution
  • Arbitration
    Arbitration fully considered
  • Asia
    Mediation in Asia
  • Australia
    Mediation in Australia
  • Blogs
    Featured blog entries
  • Book Reviews
    (premium members - subscription)
    Mediation book reviews
  • Bullying
    Workplace and school bullying
  • Careers
    (premium members - subscription)
    Mediation career development
  • Case Law Video
    Exceptional for law school and academic mediation courses and training
  • Caseload Manager
    The #1 online case management system for ADR programs and practitioners
  • Civil
    Civil and court mediation
  • Collaborative Practice
    Collaborative practice issues
  • Commercial
    Commercial mediation articles and news
  • Community
    Community mediation center
  • Coaching
    Conflict coaching
  • Conflict Systems
    Conflict management system design, implementation and improvement
  • Diversity
    Diversity issues in mediation and dispute resolution
  • Divorce & Family
    Family and divorce mediation articles, news, video
  • Elder
    Elder mediation issues
  • EU
    Mediation in the European Union
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Collaborative Professional
(301) Mont. Co. MD
Bruce E. Avery
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Local Arbitrators
(301) Mont. Co. MD
Homer C La Rue Sean Rogers
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Mediation Matters - Carl Schneider
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(301) Mont. Co. MD
Labor Management
Sean Rogers
Family / Divorce
John Spiegel and Donna Duquette Martin Kranitz John Weaver Eileen Coen Joseph Rosenberg Carl D Schneider, Ph.D. and Audrey M Yowell, Ph.D.
Business / Commercial
Keith Seat Ellen Kandell Daniel Dozier Sean Rogers
Workplace / Employment
June Marshall
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