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Saints, Pelicans owner Tom Benson and daughter agree to mediation in Texas lawsuit

Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson and his estranged daughter have agreed to work with a mediator on a possible settlement in the fight for control over the family's assets in Texas, lawyers for both sides said Monday (Oct. 19). read


Kenya: Replace Senate With Elders' Council to Offer Mediation in Times of Crises

If a council of elders existed, it would be the best bet to ending the damaging standoff between the teachers and the government. read


Guardianship Mediation Pilot Launches in Nassau

The Nassau County Bar Association has launched a pilot program allowing parties in guardianship disputes to enter mediation, with mediators provided by the bar and an investment advisory firm. Through the pilot program, 20 court-referred cases will receive up to four free hours of mediation. If the parties do not reach a resolution during the four hours, they will have the option of paying for additional mediation for $300 per hour, which is the bar association's standard rate. read


Elder Mediation Could Soon Become a Staple in Age-Related Care

Mom has Alzheimer's disease, your siblings refuse to talk to one another, and your kids are too busy to lend a helping hand. Somehow, all the caregiving duties have been left to you. What to do? Call an elder mediator. You may not have heard the term before, but, with an aging population, the emerging practice of elder mediation could soon become a staple in age-related care. read


Strengthening Troubled Sibling Bonds to Deal With an Aging Parent

Unlike traditional psychotherapy, which can take years to unearth entrenched problems, mediation is more focused on the present. The mediator does not advocate the viewpoint of any one person; rather, he or she acts as an impartial third party, helping resolve conflicts in ways that are acceptable to everyone. read


Hospitals, senior communities benefitting from mediation

Two industries that significantly benefit from the mediation boom are hospitals and senior communities. There are a number of significant reasons that these industries are starting to take notice of mediation as a standard practice. read


What Happens When Elderly Couples Stop Driving?

A University of Missouri researcher has found that even if just one member of a couple stops driving, negative consequences result for both the driver and non-driver. The researcher recommends that the elderly, and their adult children, carefully discuss and plan for the transition to driving cessation.  "These are complicated, difficult decisions, and mediation of the discussion can often be helpful.” read


Suit over social media posts concerning Silverado Senior Living in mediation

Mediation is taking place in a suit brought by the children of a woman living in a Sugar Land nursing home who claim they have been banned from the facility because social media postings. read


Aging in Iowa: Mediation program aims to assist Iowa families with difficult aging issues

Mom is growing older. Up to this point, she’s been driving by herself, but she is getting to the age when some family members are concerned about her safety. “It’s one of the big decisions that need to be made,” Iowa City-based mediator Laura Melton Tucker said. “When do (family members) put our foot down with mom and tell her we just aren’t comfortable with her driving anymore?” read


Family Strife Over Elder Care Consider An Elder Mediator

One or both parents requiring care can create serious stresses and conflicts within families. Sometimes disagreements and misunderstandings over elder care or inheritance issues can lead families to break apart, affecting descendants for generations. To avoid this, elder mediation is available to resolve family disputes that otherwise may go unaddressed or lead to costly and traumatic litigation. A successful resolution can preserve family ties to the benefit of the entire family tree. read


Home Share Now wins award for mediation

The American College of Civil Trial Mediators, a professional association, recently gave a cash award to Home Share Now for its efforts in home sharing mediation. The award came in support of applying dispute resolution in the alternative setting of facilitated home sharing. Home Share Now has facilitated the sharing of housing, such as by multigenerational housemates, since 2003. The organization said it views conflict resolution as the most important skill necessary for successful home sharing. read


Singapore children pay up for parents

The concept of filial piety carries such weight in society that it has even found its way into national legislation. The Maintenance of Parents Act states that any resident over the age of 60 who find themselves in difficulty can apply to a tribunal for their children to provide financial support. The process first involves attempts at conciliation under the Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents. If this fails, both sides then go for mediation, and failing that, a hearing before the tribunal. read


Summit County Probate Court develops mediation program

When Summit County Probate Judge Elinore Marsh Stormer took office in January 2013, she declared her intention to use mediation as one means of resolving disputes brought to her court. Judge Stormer developed a mediation program, and longtime Akron attorneys William Dowling and Douglas Godshall were appointed as court mediators. Concluding its first year of operation, the mediation program has proven to be a success, enabling the parties involved to resolve numerous disputes without the need for lengthy litigation and court trials. read


Older Americans' Breakups Are Causing A 'Graying' Divorce Trend

For baby boomers, divorce has almost become, like marriage, another rite of passage. The post-World War II generation is setting new records for divorce: Americans over 50 are twice as likely to get divorced as people of that age were 20 years ago. But just because it's more common, doesn't mean it's not still painful. read


'Til Age 50 Do Us Part: Divorce Commonplace Among Baby Boomers

These days, marriage is more of a long-term lease than a forever sentiment. That’s because according to the latest reports on divorce statistics, more Americans age 50 and up are divorced than widowed – and that’s the first time since 1990. A recent article published at The New York Times tells us that divorce rates among those 50 and older has grown in the last fifty years from 2.8 percent to 15.4 percent. read


Increasing Enforceability Of Mandatory Arbitration Clauses In Wills And Trusts

A hot issue percolating among the states is whether a clause in a will or trust requiring alternative dispute resolution — usually arbitration — should be enforced by the courts. While initially courts appeared to frown on such provisions, the trend has shifted recently, particularly with a ruling by the Texas Supreme Court upholding such a clause. read

More winning financial support from children through mediation

More parents are resorting to mediation to get financial assistance from their children. Last year, 303 cases were handled by the Office of the Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents, which arranges for the mediation, up 13 per cent from 269 in 2010. read

Elder Mediation: Where to turn when family meetings become fights

Making care decisions for elders is often a long-term process requiring a series of discussions. Getting everyone to the table ensures the family is 95 percent of the way to a solution. Mediators can support families in avoiding unproductive fights and creating workable solutions to parents’ care needs. read

WISE & Healthy Aging Launch New Elder Care Mediation Service

A valuable new service called Elder Care Mediation has just become available at WISE & Healthy Aging, thanks to a collaboration between the Santa Monica-based non-profit social service agency for seniors and the non-profit Center for Civic Mediation of Los Angeles. read

GiveForward partners with Medical Bill Mediation to help families reduce high medical bills

GiveForward, a crowdfunding leader helping families and friends raise money for a loved one's medical bills, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Medical Bill Mediation of the Karis Group, Inc., a service which helps patients consolidate and reduce their healthcare bills. This alliance stems from both organizations' shared mission of empowering patients to face the rising cost of healthcare in America. read

State Supreme Court Mandates Arbitration in Nursing Home Death Case

The Florida Supreme Court recently made it more difficult for the families of wrongful death victims to have their cases heard in court. In February, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a mandatory arbitration agreement signed by an elderly nursing home patient extended to, and was binding on, his estate and heirs. Many states refuse to enforce binding arbitration clauses in nursing home contracts, as they can be unconscionably biased in favor of the nursing home, but the justices refused to make such a declaration in this case. read

Arbitration Fairness Act of 2013 Introduced in Congress

As discussed by the American Association for Justice, the new law seeks to end the abusive practice of so many large corporations, including nursing home conglomerates, that seek to insulate themselves from legal accountability with forced arbitration. As the AAJ summarized, the law is critically needed, because when it comes to arbitration, “The process is secretive, costly and rigged so that corporations cannot be held accountable. By removing access to justice, it grants corporations a license to steal and violate the law.” read

Pre-facto mediation

The goal of pre-facto mediation is to stave off full-fledged litigation after the death or incapacity of the family leader and, through a guided mediation process, to help family members find peaceful resolutions to inheritance issues. The hope is that in this way harmony at home can be preserved without a great deal of lawyer's fees and court costs. read

Singapore: Family ordered to go for mediation to settle housing dispute

A High Court judge has ordered the family of late scouting pioneer Dennis Goh Chin Chye to go for mediation, to settle the row over a five-room HDB flat valued at S$800,000. It is a last-ditch effort to resolve the long-running feud between Mr Goh's 91-year-old widow Eileen Chia Yoke Mui and her two daughters. The mediation, which takes place on Thursday, will involve Madam Chia's two daughters and two sons. read

The right to be heard, regardless of age

Empowering elderly people to maintain the quality of their lives and not become victims of abuse and discrimination is one of the aims of a conference being held at the University of South Australia. The Sixth Annual World Summit on Mediation with Age Related Issues is a joint venture between UniSA and the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN), designed to increase awareness of the benefits of mediation, highlighting global examples of best practice in elder mediation. read

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