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What Should We Tell the Children? Developing a Mutual Story of the Divorce 07/10/2016
Donald T. Saposnek
One of the most typical questions asked of me by parents who are beginning the divorce process is, “What should we tell the children and how should we tell them?”
The Larger Room 10/06/2017
Michael Jacobs
It would be the first time Peter looked after their two year old daughter. In fact, it would be the first time that he actually met Flora.
Ten Reasons Why Mediation Creates a Holistic Approach in Generating More Love & Compassion in Family Conflicts 09/29/2017
Denisha Shah
The article is about general foundations and principles of family conflicts in relationship to mediation focus. The overall article is a summary study in 10 steps for family conflicts through mediation process.
All for One … One for All: Collaborative Process Or Collaborative Lifestyle 09/29/2017
Marty Klein
In 2007, after twenty-three, war-torn years of litigation, I just knew that there had to be a better way of resolving conflict in people’s lives. Thus began my quest – my journey into the world of alternate dispute resolution.
Mediation in Domestic Violence Case: Whether to Use or Not to Use? – An Indian Perspective 09/22/2017
Sandeep Bhalothia
In this article, I aim to identify two opposite interests associated with the settlement of domestic violence cases, and look at the Indian law to see how those two interests are equitably balanced, therefore, providing a recommended way forward, not necessarily a perfect one, to handle cases related to domestic violence.
10 Things to Consider Before Signing a Prenuptial Agreement 09/14/2017
Debbie Smith
So you need to determine things to consider before signing a prenuptial agreement and don’t know where to start?
Doing Your Homework Before Mediation: Increasing the Likelihood of Success 08/25/2017
Sarah Malik
When parents or a couple decide to pursue mediation, the mediation is more likely to be successful if the parties prepare mentally and practically. Helps Divorcing Couples Resolve and Learn From Conflicts 08/14/2017
Sean Garrity
Founded more than 20 years ago as a vehicle to connect professional mediators with individuals who need dispute resolution services, today presents more than 15,000 articles and top-tier resources for its 5 million annual visitors.
Why Don’t Transformative Mediations Get Violent? 08/11/2017
Dan Simon
“It’s important to set ground rules at the start of a mediation, and then you can remind the parties of those rules if they get off track later,” said a trainee in one of my mediation courses.
Prenup? That’s Good News! 08/08/2017
Joy Rosenthal
Your wedding day is only a few months off and your fiancé nervously mentions that he would like a prenuptial agreement.
Why Do I Love What I Do? 07/21/2017
Joy Rosenthal
We transition from the family we were born into to the ones we create.
Marriage, Dystopian Society--A Story about conflict prevention 06/16/2017
Larry Gaughan
This article envisions what it would take, a century in the future, to create a society without any marital strife.
How to Mediate a Prenuptial Agreement 06/14/2017
Laurie Israel
Marriages can be damaged by a destructive prenup or by a harsh prenup negotiation process.
Save a Marriage through Mediation 06/08/2017
Vicki Shemin
This is the true story of a couple that considered divorce, but decided to stay together after drafting a postmarital agreement regarding the parenting of their young son.
Need Help Getting Your Spouse to the Negotiating Table? 05/26/2017
Eileen Coen
What happens when you want to use mediation for divorce, but your spouse doesn’t? It’s a fairly common situation but not a hopeless one — so don’t give up before trying some tried and true strategies to bring them onboard.
Nesting a New Co-Parenting Arrangement 05/22/2017
Hadassah Fidler
Divorce is a hard process and perhaps nobody knows this better than the children of divorced parents, who can find themselves caught up in a situation over which they have little control facing an uncertain future.
Marital Conflict is Not a Mental Health Disorder 05/12/2017
Jacqueline Burnett-Brown
When two people form a union, whether a legal union – such as marriage, or a domestic partnership, there will be conflict.
Comparative Data on Mediation Websites: Most Visited and Most Linked 06/13/2017
Jim Melamed
According to, is most visited and most linked mediation website.
A Pop-Up Mediation: Multi-Party Dialogue Using Mediation Brexit: A Constitutional Crisis? 04/21/2017
John Sturrock
On the evening of Tuesday March 28th 2017, a pop-up mediation event on Brexit took place at the Grassmarket Community Centre in Edinburgh.
Family Justice Reform in British Columbia and the Northern Navigator Initiative: A Preliminary Review 04/14/2017
Nicole Garton
This paper looks at the problem of diminishing access to family justice in British Columbia from a court users perspective, and the interplay of dispute system design and culture in terms of helps and hindrances to these innovation efforts.
Let the Judge Decide! - The End of Conflict or Just the Beginning? 03/17/2017
Justin Kelsey
I have talked about peoples assumption that bringing a divorce case in front of the judge would end their conflict. On the contrary letting the judge decided might cause more conflict in the end.
Advancing Your Family Mediation Career at APFM 2017 In Memphis 03/09/2017
Michael Aurit
We met three years ago at the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (APFM) Conference in San Diego. At the time, each of us was barely a year out of law school and preparing to take a leap to begin our own divorce and family mediation practice.
A Transformative Parenting Mediation Model 03/03/2017
Wayne Plenert
The key to successful parenting mediation is using a model that works for the parents and provides a parenting model that starts with a truce, then works towards mid and long term parenting goals.
Harmful Effects of Child-Custody Evaluations on Children 03/03/2017
Ira Turkat
Child-custody evaluations have become commonplace in family-law disputes over living arrangements, parental decision-making, and time-sharing with offspring.
Collaborative Parenting Can Mend the Divide 03/06/2017
Dr. Lynne C. Halem
Professionals writing about divorce too often reinforce parental fears by recounting, even exacerbating the negative consequences of divorce
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