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Why Don’t Transformative Mediations Get Violent? 08/11/2017
Dan Simon
“It’s important to set ground rules at the start of a mediation, and then you can remind the parties of those rules if they get off track later,” said a trainee in one of my mediation courses.
Prenup? That’s Good News! 08/08/2017
Joy Rosenthal
Your wedding day is only a few months off and your fiancé nervously mentions that he would like a prenuptial agreement.
Bargaining in the Light of the Law: The Case of Divorce 07/28/2017
John Fiske
By now, in 2017, divorce law has become clear and often even predictable.
Massachusetts Divorce: How Long Does it Take? 07/06/2017
Marion Wasserman
Let us imagine a couple in agreement on pursuing the quickest possible Massachusetts divorce.
Divorce Lawyers: 5 Little Known Things You Need To Know 07/06/2017
Vicki Shemin
There is an inescapable fact: the relationship between a divorce attorney and a client is, at best, a business relationship.
Marriage, Dystopian Society--A Story about conflict prevention 06/16/2017
Larry Gaughan
This article envisions what it would take, a century in the future, to create a society without any marital strife.
How to Mediate a Prenuptial Agreement 06/14/2017
Laurie Israel
Marriages can be damaged by a destructive prenup or by a harsh prenup negotiation process.
Save a Marriage through Mediation 06/08/2017
Vicki Shemin
This is the true story of a couple that considered divorce, but decided to stay together after drafting a postmarital agreement regarding the parenting of their young son.
Need Help Getting Your Spouse to the Negotiating Table? 05/26/2017
Eileen Coen
What happens when you want to use mediation for divorce, but your spouse doesn’t? It’s a fairly common situation but not a hopeless one — so don’t give up before trying some tried and true strategies to bring them onboard.
Divorce Lawyers: 5 Little Known Things You Need To Know 04/03/2017
Vicki Shemin
There is an inescapable fact: the relationship between a divorce attorney and a client is, at best, a business relationship.
Can You Use a Mediator in an Uncontested Divorce? 03/28/2017
Gabriel Cheong, Esq.
If you and your spouse are unable to reach agreement in mediation, you still have the option of going to court.
Divorce Mediation In New Jersey 03/03/2017
Carrie Schultz
This article is about the divorce mediation process, including specific recommendations for New Jersey.
The Financially Smart Divorce Book Review 02/17/2017
Divorce mediators can greatly benefit from reading and having readily on hand this new book by a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst who understands that divorce should be a planning process.
Is Divorce The Real Target? 02/17/2017
Armand and Robbin DAlo
When the fire of love feels dead or the threat of divorce is put on the table what is really happening?
Happy Valentine’s Day Darling; Here’s a Prenup 02/09/2017
Rachel Ryan
The article addresses increased rates of divorce and important considerations for protecting one’s self and financial assets and the consequences of failing to do so.
Divorce Mediation In Ohio 01/13/2017
Eric Laubacher
This article discusses options for reaching equitable solutions before divorce.
The College Education Expense; How to Share the “Experience” 01/03/2017
Dr. Lynne C. Halem
The question to be answered by all parents—separated or divorced parents, married or unmarried—is: How will the child’s college education be funded? In short, who will pay and how much?
Holiday Stress? There Is a Way to Fight 12/18/2016
Armand and Robbin DAlo
Conflict is a part of life, and so exposure to it can be an important lesson in emotional literacy for kids if it is handled properly.
Avoiding the Holiday Blues During Separation or After Divorce 12/18/2016
Dr. Lynne C. Halem
With some creativity, and openness to future adjustment, separated and divorced couples can preserve key ingredients of the holiday season by pre-planning the children’s shared visits ahead of time.
How to Give Your Spouse the Best Christmas Present Ever 12/09/2016
Meredith Richardson
When things are going well in a marriage, when you've been together for years and years, you can take your spouse for granted.
How to Get Control of the Money? 11/28/2016
Armand and Robbin DAlo
When we ask people to come up with a budget, even when they are given a detailed outline with prompts, they give us blank stares. Likewise, when we get those worksheets back, in many cases they are far from reality.
Are They Ready to Divorce? 11/17/2016
Janet Wiseman
How many times do clients come into your divorce mediation office when they aren't on the same page?
U.S. Tax Court Alimony Decisions: Five Cases You Should Know 10/14/2016
Justin Kelsey
This article summarizes five U.S. Tax Court cases in which the Court ruled against the taxpayer on issues involving deductible alimony.
Self-help Mediation Tool for Couples 09/02/2016
This article presents a self-help tool for people in the marriage or relationship. The tool includes principles for mediation and refers to the use of a mediator if conflicts are too difficult for themselves to solve.
Divorcing Peacefully 09/02/2016
Zahra Jimale
A comparison of the resolution process of two former spouses, one who chooses litigation and the other who chooses the collaborative process.
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