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Certified Family Law Specialist

Stanley BartlemieStan L. Bartelmie can mediate your divorce in a safe and confidential setting. Stan will guide you to explore all the issues, promote communication, create workable options, and generate mutually acceptable solutions. 


Each mediation session brings new information, more awareness, useful discussion, and greater clarity. Stan offers the ways and means for you to develop and complete a final agreement that works best for you.

Stan L. Bartelmie, J.D. has 30 years experience in family law, estate planning, trust administration, and probate.  Stan is a member of the Mediation and Arbitration Panel with the Santa Clara County Superior Court. 



Stan believes that divorce need not be a divisive and adversarial process.  In a safe, private setting, a compassionate forum is provided for divorcing couples willing to participate.  You will be in control of the important decions necessary to resolve your property division, custody, and support.

Stan is the author of "Divorce Mediation Manual".  You may purchase a copy of this informative Manual by contacting Stan directly.

Here's why working it out together makes good sense:  


You have the option of having Stan draft and process all required legal paperwork as well as the Settlement Agreement.

Length of the divorce mediation process: 




The length of time the process takes varies with each couple, and is determined by both of you.   All issues in your particular case will be addressed and discussed until a mutually acceptable agreement is reached.



Stan L. Bartelmie



Stan is an attorney who has been practicing family law, estate planning, probate and trust administration in Santa Clara County for over 30 years.
In the mid-1980's Stan became a trained mediator, and introduced mediation to his family law practice.  Stan favors the mediation process and is currently focusing his practice on mediation. Stan serves as a member of the Mediation and Arbitration panels with the Santa Clara County Superior Court. 


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