Representative Testimonials from Participating Attorneys of Mediation Services Performed by Myer J. Sankary  

"I found Myer Sankary's presentation on the Use of Persuasion in Mediation at the SCMA yearly conference, especially, most interesting inasmuch as I am a practicing psychologist and understand quite clearly the importance of persuasion and how it affects human behavior. Mr. Sankary presents with the zeal and enthusiasm that would stimulate useful thought and discussion to the participants. I certainly would recommend him as a speaker in this area at other conferences involving mediation."

Dr. Bernard Natelson

"Mr. Sankary did a fantastic job in settling a difficult case."

Michael A. Vacchi Attorney

"Mr. Sankary is an exceptionally patient and tenacious mediator. Highly recommended for those cases which require a miracle to resolve. He works miracles."

Lisa MacCarley Attorney for Plaintiff

"Very impressive, very cordial, creates a positive environment."

Shirley Deutsch, Attorney 

To Myer: “Thank you for your creative approach in resolving this case. I certainly appreciate all the hard effort that you have put in to bring these parties together.”

James G. Morris Attorney for Plaintiff 


 “The mediator worked hard in concluding a settlement.”

Martin Godin, Attorney for Defendant

 “[Mr. Sankary] allowed a difficult client an opportunity to express his position-he appreciated the opportunity to be heard. [Mr. Sankary also] allowed further parties to be brought into [the] case.” 

Robert A. Klein, Attorney for Plaintiff

“Mr. Sankary did an excellent job getting the parties together.” 

Steve Mehta, Attorney for Plaintiff 

"Mr. Sankary was absolutely instrumental in effecting what I believe to be a fair and equitable solution." 

Michael Antole, Attorney for Plaintiff

“Strong work. Good effort to complete all issues in one day. [I] had no expectation of settling that day.”

Travis J. Tom, Attorney for Defendant

“I thought this case was impossible to settle. Mr. Sankary's generosity of spirit, knowledge of the law and superb effort, settled the case. I called it a miracle.” 

Mary L. Wyatt, Attorney of Defendant

“As usual, Myer's impartial and professional approach led to the resolution of a complicated personal injury case. My client's money was well spent.” 

Nigol Manoukian, Attorney for Plaintiff

“I was very pleased with the manner in which the mediation was handled.” 

Jane E. Randolph, Attorney for Defendant

“Excellent, Although settlement was never in sight, it was nonetheless productive due to Mr. Sankary's efforts." 

John K. Erganian, Attorney for Defendant

“[Myer] Did a wonderful job in orchestrating the agreement, and beginning a reconciliation between the parties hereto. Besides being a skillful mediator, he donated many hours of his time, to make the mediation cost effective to the parties.” 

Jeffrey Schoenherr

"One of the best!"

Donald Liddy, Attorney for Defendant

“Mr. Sankary was extremely knowledgeable and had a firm grasp of the problems and dealt with them in a totally professional and competent manner."

James R. Tweedy, Attorney for Plaintiff


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