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Nancy Foster

Good Communication Starts With Listening

Nancy Foster When you are speaking and someone is not paying attention, how do you feel? Annoyed, frustrated, discounted, rejected, anxious or angry? Such feelings usually make communication more difficult. So how can we show someone who is speaking that we really are paying attention to them?
Carl Schneider

"I'm Sorry": The Power of Apology in Mediation

Carl Schneider Apology involves the acknowledgement of injury with an acceptance of responsibility, affect (felt regret or shame - the person must mean it), and vulnerability - the risking of an acknowledgement without excuses. It is repair work - work that is often necessary, but difficult.
Clare Albright

The Top 10 Tips on Managing Conflict, Emotional Tension and Anger

Clare Albright To be a safe and predictable person for those around you at work and at home, it is essential that you are able to maintain your composure when you feel like your 'buttons' are being pushed. This strength will help you to achieve your goals in business as well as your goals for your personal relationships.

How To Overcome Impasse

Department of Veterans Affairs As negotiations proceed, Parties sometimes reach an impasse -- often not due to overt conflict, but rather due to resistance to workable solutions or simply exhaustion of creativity. While the impasse might signal that the dispute is unresolvable in mediation, the mediator may believe that a workable agreement is still possible. This article describes some techniques to get negotiations moving.
John Ford

Dealing with Difficult Behavior

John Ford Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. However, that does not mean that we cannot work to prevent unproductive behavior that leads to conflict. Although it is easy to label people as difficult, the real focus should always be on the actual behavior. Dealing effectively with difficult behavior is a skill that can nip conflict in the bud.
Barry Simon

How Mediation Can Help Same Gender Relationships

Barry Simon Since same gender couples cannot legally marry yet in most states and foreign countries, how can they formalize their relationships? By using a "Living Together Agreement." In this way they can couple consciously in an attempt to create a solid foundation on which to build their relationship. It's the perfect tool for sweeping away false expectations and building honest, authentic communication.
Manie Spoelstra

Negotiation Traps

Manie Spoelstra Although the human brain will always be something we marvel at, it is unfortunately not foolproof when it has to deal with complex situations. The embedded routines or mental short-cuts we use to arrive at most of the decisions we take, are by no means foolproof. Unless we are aware of these routines and understand them, we unknowingly fall prey to them.
Talking with Kids

Talking With Kids About Violence

Talking with Kids Research shows that children, especially those between the ages of 8 and 12, want their parents to talk with them about today's toughest issues, including violence. Even when they reach adolescence, they want to have a caring adult in their lives to talk about these issues.
Jack Hamilton

From Hatred And Blame To Compassion And Resolution

Jack Hamilton The goal of a mediator is to foster a fair environment that facilitates mutual, respectful problem-solving efforts by the parties. To reach that goal, a mediator tries to assist those involved in the conflict to communicate clearly with each other, identify their own needs and then work together to develop a solution that meets those needs.
Beata Lewis

Trust And Betrayal

Beata Lewis Although trust-and an absence of betrayal-can be critical to the accomplishment of strategic goals, today's business leaders are often faced with the task of (re)building trust in organizations without the support, tools or understanding necessary to work with the consequences of betrayal and complex dynamics of trust. Forum Discussion
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