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The Mediate.com Complete Collection

This unique and powerful collection belongs in every law school, university and college dispute resolution library. Beautifully packaged in a leather box.

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Mediate.com DVD Collection

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Mediating Divorce Agreement (15 hours)
Strategic Negotiation (6 hours)
Cultural & Gender Issues in Negotiation & Mediation (7 hours)
Get Busy, Get Paid! (2 hours)
The Mediators: Family Mediation Edition (2 hours)
The Mediators: Views from the Eye of the Storm Vol. I (2 hours)
Eye of the Storm Leadership (3 hours)
The Keystone Senior Mediators' Conference DVD (2 hours)
The Craft of Collaborative Practice DVD Set (10 hours)

DVDs are available for shipment to the United States and Canada. International purchasers are asked to order the online streaming version of this resource at www.mediate.com/University.

Mediate.com Boxed Collection