Kendall Reed

Kendall Reed Kendall Reed is a mediator and arbitrator working in the Los Angeles area.  He has 25 years experience as a lawyer with expertise in the areas of intellectual property, UCC Article 2 in the manufacturing arena, employment, insurance coverage, B2B disputes, and personal injury. He has 10 years experience as a neutral and has handled hundreds of meditations, early neutral evaluations and arbitrations. 

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Articles and Video:

The Dysfunctional Board of Directors (07/26/13)
It has been said that a good board will not make a company, but a bad one will inevitably kill it.   It has also been said that troubled boards outnumber functional boards by a wide margin.   As such, it would seem there is both a deep need and wide opportunity for those who can assist “Boards” to function better. 

The Mediator's Triangle: Organizing the Mediator’s Focus (06/02/08)
The mediation process and the mediator’s work have been well described and discussed by others, including Baruch Bush and Folger , Cloke , Krivis , and Moore . These authors provide a great deal of valuable information and guidance and should be studied. At the same time, I have found in my own practice as a mediator an approach that is somewhat different from those suggested by these authors. The purpose of this article is to describe this approach in the hope that others may also find it useful.