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Gary Weiner

Gary Weiner Gary A. Weiner serves as mediator and an arbitrator, as collaborative lawyer and settlement counsel, as special master and referee, as trainer, facilitator and dispute resolution systems consultant. He was the Director of the Sonoma County Superior Court Office of Alternative Dispute Resolution from its inception through June 2004. For 4 ½ years he called the Case Management Conference calendar in every civil case in the Court. From the most complex construction defect, intellectual property and personal injury matters to the most intractable easement disputes to the simplest consumer collection cases, Gary Weiner has helped counsel and their clients get their cases moving toward resolution.

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Articles and Video:

A Call for Evidence Based Standards for Mediator Quality (03/15/13)
The use of Mediation as a primary means of resolving disputes, as practiced in the United States since the early 1970’s, has been thoroughly institutionalized as a part of civil litigation in many parts of the world. The basic thesis of this paper is that a rigorous and intellectually honest approach to understanding “how to mediate well” must be based on empirically verifiable information and not on untested assumptions or dogmatic beliefs about “what makes good mediation.”

So You’ve Got a Beef. Now What? (06/09/08)
Negotiating a good resolution to a conflict isn’t rocket science. There are a few things, though, that you should know if you want to do a better job in settling disputes on your own.

How the Quest Was Done (08/20/06)
Being a thrilling, spellbinding but true story right out of the wild west of a California mediation followed by some musings for mediators on the meaning of the story by the mediator himself, Gary Weiner.    1 Comment

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