Natasha A. Affolder

Natasha A. Affolder

Natasha A. Affolder joined the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia in July 2004. Prior to coming to UBC, Professor Affolder worked at Harvard Business School as a Research Associate in the area of large project negotiation. Her research, teaching and legal practice interests span the fields of international law, sustainable development law, natural resources, environmental law, and land use law. Professor Affolder holds an LLB from the University of Alberta and a BCL and doctorate from Oxford University where she was a Rhodes Scholar. Professor Affolder practiced law in Boston for four years with the firms Hill and Barlow P.C. and Piper Rudnick LLP. She has worked in various capacities for international non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations including Oxfam and the United Nations Environment Programme.

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Articles and Video:

Mediation Available for Online Gaming Disputes (03/16/10)

An inspection and certification agency for online gaming operators, eCOGRA, certifies that online casinos are safe and fair sites, in part by mediating disputes and ensuring that players’ issues are adequately addressed by the online casinos. The agency received over 800 mediation requests in 2009, and reported that valid mediation requests were up 14% over 2008.

Casino Advisor (January 15, 2010)

A Well-Founded Fear of Prosecution Mediation and the Unauthorized Practice of Law (02/18/00)
This growing concern about the unauthorized practice of law (UPL) arises from reports around the country of charges filed against mediators who are not lawyers. These prosecutions-or in some cases warnings-are primarily directed at divorce mediators as a result of their drafting of detailed marital settlement agreements. However, all mediators have reason to be concerned, because of uncertainties about what constitutes UPL in the context of mediation.