Dawn Martin

Dawn Martin

Dawn Martin is President of Martin & Laguna, a Washington, DC mediation firm serving families, businesses and public sector entities. In early 2007, Ms. Martin founded Simply in Place which provides productivity and organizing consulting services for individuals, families and small to mid-sized businesses.

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Website: www.martinlaguna.com

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Resolved to Get Organized? . . . What about Organizing to Resolve? (08/27/07)
The average person spends roughly 150 hours per year trying to find documents, electronic files, and other information... That’s equivalent to almost a month of work. Some studies put the number even higher—at 10% of work time. Think of the lost productivity, the aggravation, the resulting in-house discord and, just as importantly, the hours that could have been spent simply enjoying life. Now consider how many workplace conflicts result from lack of communication or miscommunication, and how often these lapses occur because the parties were “just too busy” to communicate effectively. When we talk about enhancing people’s capacity to prevent and resolve conflict, we need to include organizational skills in the conversation.

Mediation During Business Formation or Reorganization (08/01/99)
What partners often leave unsaid: By creating a written charter, partners clarify what they expect of each other and how to operate together. Before they run into trouble.