Catherine Fromme

Catherine Fromme is currently a Special Education Program Supervisor at the Washington Superintendent of Public Instruction (State Department of Education). In this position she developed (1994) and maintains Washington's successful Special Education Mediation System. She oversees this statewide mediation system, trainings and awareness presentations. She has also, for the last five years served as the Cross-Cultural Special Education Supervisor, dealing with issues of multi-culturalism, non-biased assessment, interpreter/translator training, alternate assessment and accommodations for special populations.

In addition, Ms. Fromme has worked as a private consultant on diversity and mediation issues. She has co-authored articles and been a conference presenter to school districts, federally funded projects, private agencies and other states. Prior to her current position in Washington, Ms. Fromme worked for the Western Regional Resource Center as the Information Specialist.

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Articles and Video:

Encouraging the Use of Mediation by Families from Diverse Backgrounds (12/06/01)
School systems and families sometimes have different perspectives about the education of children with disabilities. When a family files for a due process hearing, the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), Amendments of 1997 [P.L. 105-17] requires state departments of education to provide access to mediation to help resolve these differences. For some families mediation is a viable and relatively easily understood process. For many families, however, mediation is an unknown process and may seem inaccessible or unattractive.