Carl J. Debevec

Carl J. Debevec Carl J. Debevec is an attorney practicing general civil law in northern California. His practice includes business, trusts and estate planning, real property, elder law issues and mediation. He is a graduate of the Ohio State University college of law, a former Air Force judge advocate, and holds a post-graduate certificate in conflict resolution from California State University at Sonoma.

As an active mediator and trainer, he has chaired the ADR committee for the Solano county Bar Association for 7 years, and was recently named attorney of the year for his work in that program. He has extensive experience in court-referred and community-based mediation and conflict resolution processes, and organized the county bar Dispute Resolution Service, a community-based mediation program staffed by dozens of dedicated volunteer mediators.

He is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the National Academy of Elder law Attorneys and the ABA section on elder law.

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Another Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Resolution (08/30/04)
Since this column opened several months ago, there have been a number of good and thoughtful comments received and added, and a few humorous observations made and noted. Also some jokes. Readers are invited to submit the stories of their own humorous encounters and experiences, with comment on how they may have facilitated the process. We recommend that names and situations be modified as necessary to protect the identity of the parties and to honor the confidentiality agreement.

Humor In Mediation Section Editorial (04/05/04)
With credit to Mark Twain, the human race is the only species that has the ability to laugh at itself, or needs to.

A Funny Thing Happened On My Way To Resolution! (02/23/04)
The thought about humor in mediation came to me when I read a comment made by a disputant on a post-mediation evaluation form. I suggest that the forum for sharing jokes, stories or humorous insights, and debate on the subject be opened for contributors. is a perfect venue for this venture. Add your joke to the comment field at the end of this article.