Robert K. Wrede, JD, LLM

Robert K. Wrede, JD, LLM

Robert K. Wrede is Of Counsel to a Los Angeles firm specializing in commercial transactions and litigation. For over three decades he has specialized in the mediation, arbitration and litigation of domestic and international commercial disputes involving complex technical and economic issues.

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Articles and Video:

Shall We Caucus - Or Not? (07/04/11)
Choosing the optimum mix of caucus and plenary sessions, and if, when and how to offer evaluative input depends largely on the subjective, case-by-case (frequently on-the-spot) assessment by the mediator of numerous variables.

Dispute Resolution Boards. A New and Exciting Role for Commercial Dispute Resolution: A Quintessential Example of ADR in Action (01/15/07)
The favorable Hong Kong experience with carefully pre-designed programs of tiered alternative dispute resolution -- not only at Chek Lap Kok but with other major Hong Kong public works projects as well -- provides persuasive evidence for the proposition that thoughtfully designed and effectively implemented alternatives to traditional litigation, such as the use of Dispute Resolution Advisors and Boards, or Early Neutral Expert Evaluators, can be both highly efficient and cost effective in the avoidance, management and resolution of the conflicts that inevitably accompany most complex human endeavors.

Communication and Conflict: Managing Verbal Aggression in Mediation (04/14/03)
The mediation process involves the risk that participants have greater freedom to engage in combative, hostile, face-to-face conduct than normally would be the case in adjudication. This paper examines a common manifestation of such negative conduct, “verbal aggression,” and proposes an approach to avoiding, or at least minimizing, its negative effects in mediation.