Denisha Shah

Denisha Shah

Dr. Denisha Shah, DO, MPH, is aspiring to advance in a multi-dimensional study of integrative health-care, holistic medicine, global healing, and eternal peacemaking through a triple degree pursuance as a doctorate in osteopathic medicine (DO), masters of public health (MPH), doctorate in conflict analysis and resolution (PhD) and multiple other educational, humanistic, and artistic endeavors internationally.

Dr. Shah completed her undergraduate studies as Magna Cum Laude from a highly prestigious and private university of Nobel Laureates (as Albert Michelson for Physics and Paul Berg for Chemistry), Case Western Reserve University ( , graduating with High Honors in Psychology and double minors in Chemistry and Theater. Dr. Shah simultaneously paralleled in her evolving accomplishments through her theatrical hobbies and artistic endeavors as earning her title of Miss Amity Winner and Top 10 in America’s Perfect Teen Beauty Pageantry to the international recognition of winning three Hollywood talent awards as 1st place Soap opera, 3rd runner up Sit Com, and top 5 Female Talent of the Year at IMTA International Model and Talent Association ( where doors opened for her to work in films. 

Dr. Shah has completed her doctorate in osteopathic medicine (DO) from Nova Southeastern University School of Osteopathic Medicine  ( She has been actively involved with No More Tears and Domestic Violence projects through her Fields Experience in the service of Public Health from NOVA, and is pursuing her training alongside in conflict analysis and resolution skills for her doctorate in (PHD) in the school of humanities  through which she is a certified Employment and Workplace Mediator and expanding her projects through collaborative and multi-dimensional projects with Mediators Without Borders Institute ( 

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Articles and Video:

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