Jacqueline Burnett-Brown

Jacqueline Burnett-Brown

Dr. Burnett-Brown recently left public education due to injustices directed toward teachers as well as students on the rise in recent years. Due to her own experiences and incidents of discrimination and injustice witnessed, and also knowing the limitations of educator organizations such as PAGE and GAE, Dr. Burnett-Brown realized there needed to be another means of teachers seeking justice for their employment disputes beyond preserving the teaching certificate, or even remaining employed.

In addition to a focus on educators and students who seek alternatives to court or BOE decisions, Dr. Burnett-Brown is available for all civil matters, either court ordered or private.

Dr. Burnett-Brown holds a PhD in psychology, is pursuing her credentials as a diversity consultant to add to her level of expertise and published research in the areas of issues and controversies surrounding teachers and their ability to teach accurate history, logical truths, and critical reasoning without oppression from administration and districts to conform to biased ideologies regarding race, religion, and politics.

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