Ute A. Joas Quinn

Ute A. Joas Quinn

Qualified as a U.S. attorney and trained as a mediator, Ute has a wide range of experience in conflict management, including (among other things) ADR and community grievance mechanisms.

In her current role as Associate General Counsel at Hess Corporation, she leads legal upstream operations in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa. Ute is based in Houston, Texas USA.

Prior to working at Hess, Ute was Associate General Counsel at Shell for Upstream International (UI) Functions in The Netherlands, leading global UI focal points advising on conflict prevention as related to sustainable development (including human rights) and social performance aspects, as well as managing legal advice to non-technical UI functions such as HSE, external affairs, compliance and human resources.

Ute was Chair (2011-2013) of the IMI Board of Directors.

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