Vicki Shemin

Vicki Shemin

Vicki L. Shemin, J.D., LICSW, ACSW is a domestic relations attorney (specializing in mediation, collaborative law, divorce coaching, settlement negotiations and high-conflict cases) who never goes to court to resolve matters. She is also a therapist, adjunct professor and a Divorced Mom (now remarried) who is the proud mother of a 34 yo son and 31 yo daughter (they were 13 and 10 at the time of the divorce). She would love to share with you the good, the bad and the ugly based on 35 years of "being in the business" as well as her own life lessons, learned the hard way.


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Articles and Video:

Save a Marriage through Mediation (06/08/17)
This is the true story of a couple that considered divorce, but decided to stay together after drafting a postmarital agreement regarding the parenting of their young son.

Divorce Lawyers: 5 Little Known Things You Need To Know (04/03/17)
There is an inescapable fact: the relationship between a divorce attorney and a client is, at best, a business relationship.

4 Benefits Of Being A Child Of Divorce (04/15/16)
As a child of divorce, a divorced mother of two, and a long-practicing divorce lawyer/therapist, divorce is not exactly something I would advocate for improving a child’s mental health.