Cecilia Iro-Cunningham

Cecilia Iro-Cunningham

Cecilia Iro-Cunningham has a doctorate degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from Nova Southeastern University, Florida. She has a passion in preventive and Conflict Resolution with concentration in Schools and Organizational Conflict. With a combined degree of master?? in Business Studies and Bachelors in Public Administration, Cecilia is able to provide management consultation to organizations and schools on how to better work and manage with minimized conflicts.

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Website: www.linkedin.com/pub/cece-iro-cunningham-ph-d/2b/ba6/625

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Comparing Arbitration and Mediation as ADR tool for Workplace Conflict (07/29/15)
Recently arbitration has been considered or mandated by many employers in response to increasing cost associated with employment litigation (Shea, 2015). Arbitration in workplace dispute is mostly used to determine bridge of collective agreement and grievances arising from terms and conditions of employment as contained in the collective agreement.