Belinda Jokinen

Belinda Jokinen
  • Member on the Spokane County Bar Association Family Law Mediators Roster
  • Speaker at the "No B.S. Divorce" Mediation training
  • Expert on Mediation for Head Start Programs Policy Council (March 2012)
  • Teacher of Business Negotiation for Entrepreneurs 
  • Over 15 years work experience in the legal system
  • Certified Paralegal Registered with the Spokane County Bar Association from 2002-2008
  • Attended the Court Appointed Special Advocates volunteer program
  • Completed MCLE Mediation Concepts Course with Excellence
  • Named by Spokane Superior Court as The Expert in Text Message transcription
  • Member of the Riverside School District Reconfiguration Committee
  • Member of local neighborhood school's PTO programs
  • Coach, counselor, and mentor to countless Soccer, Track, and Running teams

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Articles and Video:

Dissolution- Don’t let the Resolve Dissolve (06/06/15)
I was helping this couple, Jane and John of course, sort out the details of their divorce. The item that was the most difficult to “separate” was the china cabinet. They had invested time, and money, and both had an attachment to it. We were on our 3rd session and they had been able to remain in the same room every time. When we discussed the cabinet they got real snippy so it was time to visit with them separately.

Divorce Mediation is a Waste of Time (05/15/15)
I’ve heard it so many times. My clients say that mediation won’t work for them. The most common reason they give is that the other party (ie: {exes} spouse or significant other) won’t agree to anything reasonable. The second most common reason given is that they will only do something if forced to by a Judge. Both are absolutely right.