Richard Levie

Richard Levie

Hon. Richard A. Levie (Ret.) is widely respected for his ability to manage and resolve the most complex cases. Judge Levie mediates, arbitrates, and serves as a case evaluator and special master in a large variety of complex business and commercial disputes, including: anti-trust, business commercial, employment, professional liability, insurance, healthcare, technology, contracts, tort, executive compensation, franchising, partnership product liability, patent, ERISA, accounting, bankruptcy, telecommunications, class actions, and construction cases. He has more than three decades of experience handling complex business and related cases as a litigator, judge, and neutral.

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Articles and Video:

A Mediator’s Pleas(e) (02/06/15)
A mediator is placed between the action and reaction – sometimes leading, sometimes following. By thinking about the physics of a mediation and your role in it, you have the ability to maximize the opportunity to use the mediator to assist in reaching a resolution.

Eight Tips on How to Impress Your Arbitrator (10/24/14)
While the most successful way to impress your arbitrator is with the merits of your case, there are smaller, but important, ways to create a favorable impression of yourself and your client’s case. This article is one arbitrator’s guide to creating an arbitral environment favorable to you and your client.

E-Discovery Neutrals – Four Questions (04/25/14)
As electronic discovery issues permeate all kinds and sizes of litigation and arbitration, there are a minimum of four questions counsel should, and judicial officers might, consider in determining whether use of an e-discovery neutral is necessary and appropriate.