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Terry Friedman

Terry Friedman

Hon. Terry B. Friedman (Ret.) conducted numerous settlement conferences, trials, motions, and various other hearings during his 15-year tenure on the Los Angeles County Superior Court. He has established a reputation for being a patient, intelligent, fair, and collaborative judicial officer who relates well to parties and comes to his hearings thoroughly prepared. Three decades of experience in public service as an attorney, state legislator, and trial court judge have honed Judge Friedman’s ability to help disparate groups reach mutually acceptable solutions to high-visibility and high-stakes conflicts.

ADR Experience and Qualifications

Experience mediating and arbitrating complex disputes spanning numerous industries and practice areas

Conducted trials, hearings, and successful mandatory settlement conferences on a wide spectrum of issues, including many complex matters, while on the Superior Court bench

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Articles and Video:

Intern Class Actions on the Rise (08/31/13)
The rise in unpaid internships has led to an equally significant uptick in litigation brought by interns demanding compensation for performing the same work as paid employees. And the interns are winning.

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