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Bryan Hanson

Bryan Hanson

Bryan Hanson is the Assistant Director of The Werner Institute at Creighton University.  Bryan draws on his knowledge of conflict management system design and experience as a practitioner in the field of conflict resolution to support the establishment of fthe Werner Institute as a premier resource for conflict management andconflict resolution education in the Midwest. Alongside his work with the Werner Institute he also devotes time to mediating, facilitating and providing training in conflict resolution. Bryan has an M.A. from John F. Kennedy University in Organizational Psychology and a graduate certificate from John F. Kennedy University in Organizational Conflict Management.


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Articles and Video:

ODR in North America (05/18/13)
In the chapter, the authors map out the state of ODR private market services and look at our federal government and its potential roles as a major provider and user of ODR services. The US and Canada have not only spear-headed the offering of ODR services. North American institutions were also the first to set up research institutes in this area of dispute resolution, as well as to incorporate ODR into academic curricula.

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