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Ernest Thiessen

Ernest Thiessen

Ernest Thiessen is President of ICANN Systems Inc. of which Smartsettle is a division. He is responsible for the direction and management of the company as well as its government, industry and community affairs. Thiessen has led iCan’s research and development efforts to implement the ICANS patent, creating the world’s first secure multiparty negotiation support system on the Internet. Dr. Thiessen has been a guest speaker at most of the Annual International Forums on Online Dispute Resolution since they began in 2002. Prior to founding iCan Systems Inc. in 1993, Thiessen worked for seventeen years as a consulting engineer and researcher in Canada and in Nepal. Thiessen received his PhD degree from Cornell University in 1993, majoring in Water Resource Systems Planning and Analysis in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. While at Cornell University, Thiessen developed an efficient methodology to solve very complex negotiation problems. This methodology has been patented and is now embodied in both Smartsettle One (for the simplest possible cases) and Smartsettle Infinity (for the most difficult multiparty cases).


Articles and Video:

ODR and eNegotiation (05/15/13)
Online dispute resolution (ODR) and eNegotiation are two overlapping components within the world of electronic group decision support systems. eNegotiation encompasses all online transactions in which two or more parties seek an agreement through negotiation. These negotiations can range from e-Commerce to international peace treaties.

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