Ben Davies

Ben Davies

Ben Davies studied law at undergraduate level and then went on to train as a barrister.  During litigation training he worked for a pro bono legal advocacy service specialising in large scale environmental cases and occasionally working on smaller civil and family matters.  He foundhimself frequently adopting a collaborative approach, so when he was presented with the opportunity to train as a mediator at the end of law school it seemed to him that mediation lent itself to his preferred style of practice. 

Shortly after law school he set up Nexus Mediation, an independent mediation practice.  They are eager to learn about new innovative approaches to mediation and ADR in general and remain focused on continuous development and research.  They continue to recruit likeminded mediators onto our panel.

He has a deep interest in the study of nonhuman personhood and dispute resolution.  He is currently trying to promote environmental mediation in the UK as a specialist area of practice including the resolution of disputes where public participation is a key factor.

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Articles and Video:

Developing an Online Mediation Practice (04/26/13)
This article chronicles the observations and lessons learned of a mediator, new to both webcam communication and online mediations, during a series of simulated mediations with Virtual Mediation Labs (VML). Ben describes some of the problems he encountered during the simulations and the implementation of Skype into his practice and how instrumental the VML programme is to a prospective online mediator. The lessons learned in this article will enable a mediator to be aware of the fundamentals of online mediation and gives a brief synopsis of the commonest problems encountered during online mediation.