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Neil Denny

Neil Denny

Neil Denny is a collaborative lawyer, trainer and author. He is the author of Conversational Riffs and The Collaborative Law Companion. His third book, Grudgeology is currently being written. He is the Director of Learning and Development for allLD Ltd. Neil has dedicated his work to equipping people to understand this thing called conflict, how it leads us to act and how we might be more effective in the face of it. The goal? To transform families, communities and organisations. He is the founder of exhorting mediators to be bolder in embracing the notion of mediation as a craft and of the mediator as artisan within that craft. Neil speaks frequently across England, Wales and North America. He lives in Bath with his wife, two children. And their guinea pigs.

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Articles and Video:

Is Liberal Humanism Holding Mediation Back? (10/03/13)
Liberal humanism is a theory within literary criticism and other fields. It is often subscribed to unwittingly almost as a default. It can lie deeply entrenched and is a product of how we are taught language and fiction.

Collaborative Law & the Get Artisan Movement with Neil Denny (04/02/13)
In this episode of the Conflict Specialists Show with Dave Hilton, Dave interviews Neil Denny from Bath, England about collaborative law, teaching people to engage in conflict, "Conversational Riffs" and other books by Neil, and the "Get Artisan™ Movement."

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