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Lisa Nelson

Lisa Nelson

Lisa Nelson  has been a mediator for over 13 years, primarily focused on helping couples resolve issues related to ending their marriage.  She has advanced training in mediation, holds a law degree, and ran a family law and mediation practice for many years before shifting her practice solely to mediation.  She has worked with families and children through various court systems, non-profit & for profit organizations, and universities for over 20 years.  

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Articles and Video:

10 Helpful Tips for Mediating Child Related Issues (05/26/13)
The article provides helpful tips and considerations for parents to address in divorce mediation when minor children are involved. There are specific considerations that parents need to be made aware of before they enter the mediation process with children.    1 Comment

Can Divorce Mediation Be Used in All Circumstances? (01/11/13)
The article describes three situations where divorce mediation is not likely to be effective, and why.

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