Herman Zandt

Herman Zandt

Herman Zandt MBA (Henley), Accr. Mediator (CEDR, London) is Director of Syrtis (Malta) Limited, provider of effective business solutions to an international clientele. In his management consultancy practice, he has experienced the significant impact business disputes have on the performance of people and their organisations, regardless of size, industry, success and geographical location. Based on ongoing research on business conflicts, the online platform BREVIS.euSM provides efficient conflict management services to disputing business individuals.

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Website: www.brevis.eu

Articles and Video:

Cost of Conflict: Hidden Outflow or Investment Opportunity? (05/28/13)
This article provides real-life examples of workplace conflicts. It shows that in every situation the cost of conflict increases if the conflict is left unaddressed.

Business Conflict? Take a Different Approach and Stay in Control (12/14/12)
Business conflicts are a fact of life and occur in the best of organisations and at any level. Disagreements naturally escalate and easily spread out to a variety of dispute stakeholders. Dropping it all and losing face is no option for many, neither is ending up in costly and time-consuming litigation, not to mention the emotional strain, organisational inefficiencies, unwanted distractions and other disadvantages any dispute brings about. What is the best way out and how can this be managed effectively?