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Deborah Buyer

Deborah Buyer

Deborah Buyer serves as a neutral mediator in commercial, employment and workplace mediations.  She is on the following mediation rosters: SDNY Mediation Panel; NYS Supreme Court Commercial Division (NY County) Mediation Roster;?Cornell ILR Scheinman Institute National Roster of Workplace Neutrals; and ?NY Peace Institute approved mediator. Deborah also serves as corporate counsel to numerous businesses and nonprofit organizations.

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Articles and Video:

Making the Case: Business Dispute Resolution Through Mediation (11/26/12)
The article discusses the benefits and advantages of mediation for purposes of resolving business disputes. It is geared toward business owners who are involved in disputes, such as contracts disputes or “business divorces,” and makes the case for mediation as an effective method for resolving the dispute. The article also lays out the basic structure of mediation and what parties can expect from mediation.

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