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Nigel Dunlop

Nigel Dunlop


Nigel Dunlop is a New Zealand barrister who previously practised criminal and family law.

His professional practice is now solely dispute resolution. 

As well as mediating he arbitrates, adjudicates and investigates.

His mediation practice is diverse, including building, family, health and domain name disputes.

Nigel’s mediation training has been equally diverse. It has included courses with CDR Associates, Harvard Law School, Bond University, the University of Canterbury and LEADR.


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Articles and Video:

Confronting the Proverbial Brick Wall (11/16/12)
This article discusses a recent mediation in which the mediator had a misunderstanding with his clients. This example shows how mediators need to continually bring themselves back to neutrality and assume the best of their clients whilst keeping ground rules in place for the worst.    3 Comments

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