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Aura Esther Vilalta

Aura Esther Vilalta

Aura Esther Vilalta is a Senior lecturer at Faculty of Law, Open University of Catalonia (UOC), researcher at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3), associate lecturer at Ramon Llull University (ESADE) and spanish national representative at the United Nations, Working Group III (Online Dispute Resolution), UNCITRAL. Vilalta teaches civil law, commercial Law and ODR at the Master of Information and Comunication Society, is member of the the Barcelona Bar Association (Spain), fellow at the National Center of Technology and Dispute Resolution( NCTDR. Umass, USA), fellow at the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR, USA) and member of the research group for the White Book on Mediation in Catalonia (Departmen tof Justice, Government of Catalonia). Her research is focused on ODR, information and communication technology and consumer’s protection.

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Articles and Video:

ODR and E-Commerce (03/23/13)
Cyberspace has become a realm of commerce and a market with various kinds of transactions using acronyms such as: C2C, B2C, B2B, C2B or M2B. It removes traditional barriers between “offerors” (producers, sellers, etc) and “offerees” (clients, users, consumers.). Time, geographical distance and language are no longer obstacles to trade and, consequently, cross border disputes have increased. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) mechanisms have emerged as a natural response to the need for new dispute resolution systems.

New Normative on Mediation in Spain (Part Two) (09/04/12)
This article discusses the role of the mediator, including status, fees and responsibility. It also examines the mediation process and the enabling requirements for a successful mediation.

New Normative on Mediation in Spain (Part One) (08/20/12)
This article gives an overview of new mediation legislature in Spain. It then provides well-worded and well-conceived definitions of Confidentiality, Good Faith, Swiftness, Affordability, and Free Will.

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