Craig Runde

Craig Runde

Craig Runde is the Director of Center for Conflict Dynamics and Mediation Training Institute at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. He oversees the Conflict Dynamics Profile, Becoming Conflict Competent course, and Mediation Training Institute programs.  Craig is the co-author of Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader, Building Conflict Competent Teams, and Developing Your Conflict Competence.  He is also the author of the web-based course, Improving Your Conflict Competence on He has a B.A. from Harvard University, an MLL from the University of Denver, and a J.D. from Duke University. 

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Articles and Video:

Integrating Conflict Management and Workplace Mediation Practices: A Blueprint for Future Practice (02/03/15)
A key motive for closer integration between workplace mediation and conflict management processes is the desire of organizational clients to control costs. In a manner similar to the evolution from litigation to alternative dispute resolution, organizations are increasingly recognizing the advantages of improved ability of managers and employees to manage their conflicts at the lowest possible level and at the earliest possible time.

Perspective Taking (02/05/07)
We are presenting a third excerpt from the new book, Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader, by Craig Runde and Tim Flanagan (Jossey-Bass, 2006). This excerpt focuses on perspective taking, trying to understand how the other person sees and feels about an issue. It includes a fun and highly illustrative example from Tim's life.

Providing Learning Opportunities (12/23/06)
Conflict competent leaders can not be the exclusive coach for every learner. Certainly they look for opportunities to actively teach and coach, but it’s just as critical that they offer opportunities for development. This can be accomplished in several ways.

Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader (11/06/06)
Becoming a Conflict Competent Leader (Jossey-Bass) is a new book from Craig Runde and Tim Flanagan that serves as a call to action to leaders to become champions of conflict competence in their organizations. Runde and Flanagan work at the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College, a network associate of the Center for Creative Leadership. Based on their experience of working with leaders from corporate, government, and non-profit organizations, they became convinced that organizations would not get better at dealing with conflict unless leaders took a more active role by improving their personal conflict skills and encouraging others in their organization to do so as well. This excerpt is from the book's preface.

Effectiveness Study - Conflict and Your Career (07/15/02)
According to a new study from the Management Development Institute, there's a strong link between a person's ability to resolve conflict effectively and his or her perceived effectiveness as a leader-and therefore, his or her likelihood of promotion.