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Louise Phipps Senft

Louise Phipps Senft

Louise Phipps Senft was named one of Maryland's Top 100 women for three years in the past decade by The Daily Record, and Baltimore's Best Mediator by Baltimore Magazine, Louise Phipps Senft, Esq., Baltimore Mediation's founder, CEO and lead trainer, is the former President of the Maryland Council on Dispute Resolution and a Board Member of the Maryland Court of Appeals Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission, Maryland Mediation and Conflict Resolution Office (MACRO). She was recently named Spirited Woman of Baltimore for 2011 by the American Red Cross and theBaltimore Business Journal, for all of her accomplishments as an entrepreneur and community leader.  She serves on boards of international non-profits Mediators Beyond Borders and Convergence. She is currently an adjunct Professor teaching Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, at University of Maryland School of Law, and a former faculty member at the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation Insight Initiative, 2007. Since 1993 when she created the first mediation firm in Maryland, she has mediated over 4000 cases and has trained hundreds of people in the transformative approach. Her work relies not just on the transformative mediation philosophy, but draws a lot on the works of clinical social workers, psychologists and neuroscientists.

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Articles and Video:

Transformative Mediation with Louise Phipps Senft (04/13/13)
This interview of Louise Phipps Senft by Dave Hilton of the Conflict Specialists Show addresses such issues as Transformative Mediation; Relational Mediation; Transformative vs Evaluative, Facilitative and Narrative Mediation; Hopi Tribe; Dealing with Burnout; Mediators Beyond Borders; American Institute of Mediation; and the Association for Conflict Resolution.

Mediator Excellence and Self-Awareness (12/12/11)
Louise Phipps Senft discusses mediator self-awareness. She looks in-depth at how it aids the mediation process, and MACRO's process to use self-awareness to assist mediators become excellent.

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