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Paul Kirgis

Paul Kirgis

 Paul Kirgis, Professor of Law; Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship; Faculty Chair, Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution.

Paul F. Kirgis began teaching at St. John's University School of Law in 1998.  His primary field of interest is Dispute Resolution.  He is Faculty Chair of the Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution, which he founded pursuant to a gift from former New York Governor and St. John's Alumnus Hugh L. Carey.  

Professor Kirgis teaches Negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Evidence.   His scholarship focuses on dispute resolution both within and outside of the traditional civil litigation paradigm.  He has written a number of articles analyzing the role of juries as decision makers in the civil justice system.  In recent years, he has turned his attention to the increasing use of arbitration and other extrajudicial dispute resolution processes as alternatives to the court system.  His articles have appeared in the Oregon Law Review, William & Mary Law Review, Ohio State Law ReviewGeorgia Law Review, and the peer-reviewed International Journal of Evidence & Proof, among others.


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Articles and Video:

On Forced Arbitration (01/09/15)
Over the past year or so, critics of consumer and employment arbitration have coined a new term for what ADR scholars have historically called mandatory pre-dispute arbitration: “forced arbitration.”

CFPB Preliminary Results on Study of Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Financial Contracts (12/13/13)
The Consumer Financial Products Board has issued preliminary findings from its study of arbitration clauses in consumer financial contracts. The results will not surprise anyone who follows this area. The CFPB found that large banks are much more likely than small banks to include arbitration clauses, but that because of their market share, around 50% of credit card loans and 44% of insured checking account deposits are covered by arbitration agreements.

Customary Arbitration in an Evolving Africa (08/15/11)
Just as I am beginning to settle back into my bourgeois American lifestyle, I wake up this morning to find this article in the Times on a Ghanaian chief who spends most of his year in New York overseeing a taxi operation with his wife.

Hugh L. Carey, 1919-2011 (08/08/11)
We received the sad news yesterday that former New York Governor Hugh Carey, generous benefactor of the Hugh L. Carey Center for Dispute Resolution at St. John’s School of Law, passed away.

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