Jackie Keddy

Jackie Keddy Jackie Keddy is a highly experienced conflict resolution practitioner. Jackie practices through her own company, Keddy Consultants, www.KeddyConsultants.com

Jackie Keddy is recognised as a prominent practitioner in coaching implementation. An accomplished training facilitator, mediator and advisor, she frequently speaks at conferences and other platforms, writes and is cited in the coaching and HR press, and is a well-known participant in industry forums.

She has 27 years extensive service in a huge public sector organisation. She has worked on solving many complex strategic issues and managed several large teams.

Jackie works with clients and teams to increase self-awareness, improve their ability to relate with and influence others, improve personal effectiveness, direction and personal development. She endorses collaborative-learning sets to facilitate organisational solutions.

She believes in 'Simplexity' the art of making complex things 'simple'. She has a pragmatic approach and a common sense attitude to life her zest for how coaching can unleash a teams' and individuals' true potential is unshakeable the benefits for organisations and personal development are profound.

Jackie is a member of both the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, and she is a member of the Editorial Board for 'Coaching at Work' magazine (CIPD) as well as being a Member of the Institute of Business Consulting and Chartered Management Institute.


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Website: www.KeddyConsultants.com

Articles and Video:

Escalated Dispute Resolution (08/13/11)
Whenever an attempt to reach a conclusion to a dispute that could not be solved locally involves informal or formal intervention by a third party, all parties involved should be able to recognize that they’ve entered into a new phase of their disagreement.

The Power of Language and Its Impacts (06/19/11)
Simply uttering a single word (and sometimes by not saying anything at all) or just presenting a certain look can send a strong message, whether or not the sender’s intention has been interpreted correctly.

Communication Styles and Manager Choices (05/02/11)
Managers, as much as anyone else, can choose from a variety of ways for communicating with another individual.